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MCD 850

CD player with Super Audio CD drive and a tube output stage

Audiophile SACD player with tube output stage and elaborate power supply. The front has been just as clearly laid out as the visually matching MA 800 amplifier counterpart.

CD player with Super Audio CD drive and a tube output stage

The front of this high quality device is as clearly designed as its counterpart amplifier, the MA 800. The controls, display and CD compartment have been arranged in such a way that not only ensures a highly sophisticated appearance, but also enables intuitive operation.

A precision mechanism with Sanyo laser unit is used as the drive. It is additionally shielded from external interference by a metal cover. A particularly low noise ECC 88 double triode has been used for each of the SACD player´s channels. The circuit guarantees extremely low-distortion and linear transmission characteristics. As is the case for all of Magnat´s tube products, the MCD 850 only uses specially selected Russian-made tubes that have been burned-in.

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