Fully active home cinema soundbar with subwoofer and Bluetooth® functionality

With compact, slim components, the SB 180 fully active home cinema soundbar with subwoofer and Bluetooth® delivers fully-fledged and dynamic home cinema sound to the living room. Easily installed and accommodated, the Magnat devices are the ideal partner for perfect integration in the living room. In addition to the easy connection to the TV, games console or set-top box, the SB 180 offers the possibility of wireless audio playback via Bluetooth®.

High-quality equipment for excellent sound

The integrated power amplifier generates a total power output of 130 watts, around 70 watts of which are taken up by the slim subwoofer, with 60 watts assigned to the chassis integrated in the soundbar. The stereo two-way systems of the soundbar are equipped with 2 x 14 mm tweeters and 2 x 52 mm woofers, controlled by digitally filtered amplifiers. The sturdy MDF wood enclosure of the subwoofer houses a generously dimensioned 165 mm chassis despite the compact design. Thanks to the aerodynamic bass reflex tube on the front of the enclosure, it is very easy to set up the subwoofer, with disruptive background noise also optimally eliminated.

Easy installation, high flexibility

Located directly on the soundbar are an RCA stereo port with a 3.5 mm jack input as well as two analogue connection options. An optical digital port is also provided as a digital input for both PCM transmission and Dolby Digital bit streaming. The data stream from the TV, Blu-ray Disc or DVD player or a TV reception device can be decoded by the SB 180 and reproduced in high quality. Four selectable sound settings adapt he components perfectly to movie sound or music and also enhance speech intelligibility if desired. With the integration of Bluetooth®, the SB 180 components also provide a flexible wireless connection option. Music from a smartphone or tablet is transmitted directly to the soundbar and reproduced in wireless mode. The system is controlled easily and conveniently via the supplied remote control.

SB 180

Fully active home cinema soundbar with subwoofer and Bluetooth® functionality

  • The high-performance Magnat advanced-level soundbar: fully active and with an intuitive system remote control
  • The control center in the living room: a broad variety of analogue and digital inputs, including Bluetooth for convenient audio streaming
  • 2 x 2-way system, each with two 14 mm tweeters and 52 mm woofers, with 30 watts of pulse power for precise and detailed reproduction
  • 165 mm subwoofer with 70 watts of pulse power for a solid, dynamic bass foundation
  • Sturdy plastic enclosure, also suitable for wall mounting

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