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Monitor S14 C

2.5 way center speaker with 4-way bass-midrange configuration

  • Extremely powerful center speaker for ambitious home cinema
  • Large centre speaker with 4-way bass-midrange configuration
  • FE-Dynamics woofer and midrange driver with new phase-optimised dust dome
  • Encapsulated and gold-plated connection terminals

2.5 way center speaker with 4-way bass-midrange configuration

As home theater professionals know, the center speaker does most of the work during movie playback, because it is where the majority of the acoustic action takes place. Therefore, it makes more than sense to size the center speaker appropriately. And that's what we did - more than adequately, in fact. The S 14 C has four drivers with a diameter of 110 mm. Two of them are used as pure woofers, the other two as mid-bass drivers. The tweeter range is also taken over here by the fabric dome with its 28 mm. Due to the sophisticated equipment, the housing of the S 14 C could be very flat with a height of just 15 cm and therefore fits perfectly under almost any screen. The width of 70 and the depth of 19 cm, on the other hand, leave enough space for the installed drivers to develop properly. The result is a frequency response with a lower cutoff frequency of 38Hz. With a power handling of 100 watts or 200 watts peak power, no dynamic weaknesses are noticeable here, even in pure action movies.

Technical specifications

  • 2.5-way center speaker
  • 2 x 4.5" woofer
  • 1.1" dome-tweeter
  • 2 x 4.5“ stredobasový menič
Únosnosť (RMS/Max.)
  • 100 / 200 W
Citlivosť (2.8V/1m)
  • 90 dB
  • 4 – 8 Ohm
Frekvenčný rozsah
  • 38 – 38.000 Hz
Frekvencie výhybky
  • 500Hz, 2.700 Hz
Odporúčaný výstup zosilňovača
  • 30 - 200 W
Rozmery (ŠxVxH)
  • 700 x 150 x 190 mm
  • 7 kg


  • 2.5-way center speaker
  • Phase- and amplitude-optimized crossover
  • Connection terminal with gold-plated and encapsulated screw terminals
Telo reproduktoru
  • Resonance-damping rubber feet
  • Detachable front cover with acoustic cloth
  • Robustná nízko rezonančná skrinka navrhnutá s E1 MDF drevenými doskami