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Monitor S10 B

Compact 2 way bookshelf speaker

  • Compact 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker

Compact 2 way bookshelf speaker

If there is really very little space available or a compact variant for the surround channels is sought, the shelf speaker S 10 B is the ideal occupation in the Monitor S-Line. Just 15 cm wide, 25 cm high and only 19 cm deep, we have designed it around the installed drivers, so to speak. In the S 10 B show namely the 110 mm woofer known from the series and the 13 mm dome made of Mylar. One really only has to make concessions here with the size, because acoustically our small shelf speaker shows itself namely on the highest level.

The solid MDF housing is also adorned with our smallest the noble wood decors in black and walnut and the dark baffle is found here as well as the removable textile cover for all those who do not want to see the flawless technology.

Technical specifications

  • 2-cestný regálový reproduktor
  • 4.5“ stredobasový menič
  • 13 mm výškový menič
Únosnosť (RMS/Max.)
  • 60 / 120 W
Citlivosť (2.8V/1m)
  • 88 dB
  • 4 – 8 Ohm
Frekvenčný rozsah
  • 42 – 32.000 Hz
Frekvencie výhybky
  • 3.400 Hz
Odporúčaný výstup zosilňovača
  • 20 - 120 W
Rozmery (ŠxVxH)
  • 149 x 250 x 190 mm
  • 2.5 kg


  • 2-cestný regálový reproduktor
  • Phase- and amplitude-optimized crossover
Telo reproduktoru
  • Resonance-damping rubber feet
  • Detachable front cover with acoustic cloth
  • Robustná nízko rezonančná skrinka navrhnutá s E1 MDF drevenými doskami