Airflex Port

Less flow noise

Aluminium controls

Stylish looks and refined feel

Aluminium front

Stylish, durable, low-resonance


High-end frequency crossover

Bi-wiring and bi-amping

Yet more performance and precision

Carbon Kevlar Cone

Dynamic, detailed, tough

Premium CD Player

Best possible output signal

Ceramic Alu Cone

Precise and light

CFC – Controlled Flexing Cone

More control in the mid-tone range

CVS – Coil Ventilation System

Optimum cooling during operation

High-quality D/A converter

Loss-free signal conversion

Downfire system

Perfect deep bass

Long throw driver

Deep bass precision and performance

"Easy-fit" mounting

Installation in no time at all

Ferrofluid cooled

Perfect cooling for tweeters

FE Driver Dynamics

Optimised drive system

Fmax Signature tweeter

High-end tweeter

HDMI port

Hi-Res audio and video

Hi-Res Audio

Maximum frequency response

Fmax tweeter

Extended frequency range


Sound and technology in perfection

Klippel-optimised system

Laser-assisted measurements

LPC circuit

Optimised frequency response

LW Dome – Light Weight Dome

Compact tweeters

Main In

Supports bi-amping

MM Phono Pre-stage

Inputs for MM record players

MM / MC Phono

Inputs for all record players

Multi-Directivity Tweeter

Swivel tweeters


Connection for further output stages

RTLimiter – Real Time Limiter

Optimum protection for subwoofers


Perfect readability

Overload Protection

Reliable overload protection

Power Amp

Generous performance reserves

Selected Valves

Hand-picked electronic valves and tubes

Swivel Tweeter

Freely pivoting tweeter