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Серия высококачественных громкоговорителей, утапливаемых при монтаже в потолок и стены

With the Interior series, Magnat further expands its offering of high-quality built-in speakers for the living area. The appeal of these products lies in the fact that a virtually invisible sound is achieved through the installation of speakers in ceilings or walls. In combination with the outstanding technical developments of the Magnet engineers, an entirely new range of products has been opened up to customers that attaches great importance to living room aesthetics and quality sound.

Серия высококачественных громкоговорителей, утапливаемых при монтаже в потолок и стены

The recessed speakers set new standards in terms of quality and sound

All woofers feature cones made from a weave of carbon and glass-fibre strands. This mix of materials delivers extreme stability and long-term quality and is otherwise only used to manufacture bulletproof vests. The result is a very clear and dynamic sound.

Custom room calibration is no problem

The tweeter used for the in-wall models is a large-format 25 mm textile dome, which has been fitted into the front so that it may be adjusted horizontally and vertically. Which means that the emitted sound may be perfected to suit even very different room conditions. The in-ceiling loudspeakers possess two built-in coaxial tweeters. Two circuit versions are possible – sound directed over a wide area or at specific points.

Easy-fit installation

Installation in walls or ceilings has been greatly simplified with the help of a very sophisticated fastening system. To prevent any contact faults after years of use, the cables are held in a solid, gold-platted screw terminal.

Technical specifications


Особенности динамиков
  • Удобная система инсталляции для встраиваемых динамиков Магнат
  • Диффузор из карбона/кевлара обеспечивает непревзойденную динамичность
  • Направляемые твитеры Магнат
  • Кроссовер с частотно амплитудной оптимизацией