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MA 700

Stereo high-end hybrid integrated amplifier

  • Stereo hybrid amplifier with transistor and tube technology
  • HDMI input for seamless integration of TV and all connected sources
  • Selected tube already burned-in for the best sound
  • 2 x 70 watts RMS output, 250 watts system output
  • Extensive connections, digital, analogue and Bluetooth aptX
  • Sturdy metal housing with solid aluminum front panel and operating elements

Stereo high-end hybrid integrated amplifier

Another product highlight with a combination of tube and transistor technology.
The combination of the best sound and impressive performance goes hand in hand with an impressive variety of connection options. First and foremost, HDMI for seamless integration of the TV set with all its sources.

Performance and sound

With carefully selected ECC 81 tubes already burned in, the MA 700 delivers exactly the sound that connoisseurs appreciate. Thanks to the downstream power transistors, you don't have to do without an impressive output line.

Five analogue high-level inputs, 4 digital inputs plus a phono input for MM systems are the basis for also being able to connect large systems without any difficulty. On top of this, Bluetooth is included with the lossless aptX standard for the best sound from smartphone, tablet or computer.

Magnat MA 700 - HDMI for the full media package
With the constantly growing range of video services, it is also becoming increasingly interesting to reproduce this content in the best possible quality. Thanks to the MA 700's HDMI input, this is easy to do - even the volume can then be adjusted using the TV remote control. And all connected sources, from the games console to the set-top box, can also enjoy the sound capabilities of our hybrid amplifier.

A look that will last forever
What looks like metal here is also actually made from it. It starts with the solid housing and continues with the brushed aluminum front panel and controls, which also allow you feel the cool metal with every touch. And apart from that: pure music. The inputs are discreetly visualised via individual LEDs, the brightness of which can be dimmed in two stages so that nothing distracts from the tempting glow of the tube.

Technical specifications

Power consumption
  • Standby < 0,5 W
Digital inputs
  • optical (Toslink™)
  • coaxial (cinch)
  • Supported sampling frequencies: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz
  • Supported bit depth: 16/24bits
Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • Remote Control: 45 x 175 x 20 mm


Digital inputs
  • optical (Toslink™)
  • coaxial (cinch)
  • Supported sampling frequencies: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz
  • Supported bit depth: 16/24bits
Amplifier and power supply
  • Elaborate mains adapter with separately stabilised supply voltage for the individual circuits
  • Shielded toroidal transformer
  • Discrete Class A/B power amplifier
  • Sturdy full-metal enclosure with solid, brushed aluminium front
  • System remote control for all functions
  • Headphone output with high-quality 6.3 mm jack socket
  • Mono switch (for analog sources)
  • Solid aluminium controls
  • Speaker terminal with solid, insulated screw terminals that are capable of accommodating large cable cross-sections
  • Stable feet with damping rubber insert
  • MM-phono preamplifier with low-noise operational amplifiers and subsonic filters
  • Additional 3.5 mm audio input on the front panel for connecting portable devices
  • Preselected and burned-in tubes


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