3-way centre speaker
The Signature Pro Centre is our state-of-the-art centre and the perfect complement to all Signature ranges when it comes to cinema sound without compromise. As a full-blown 3-way system, the Signature Center Pro is up to all home cinema requirements. The fabulous HighRes tweeter module is flanked here by two 170 mm bass-midrange drivers. Their diaphragms are made of a truly high-tech material: ceramic and aluminium come together to form a material that combines ultimate strength with the lowest possible weight. Of course, in addition to our decades of expertise, we also used technological methods such as Klippel laser measurement to track down and eliminate even the smallest distortions when developing the Signature Center Pro.
Behind the scenes, every detail is just right: the generously ventilated aluminium basket avoids compression effects and the sophisticated voice coil ventilation guarantees sustained authentic sound even at dynamic levels. A bi-wiring/biamping connection panel allows the use of different cables or even amplifiers for tweeter and midrange. Decoupling silicone feet for the impressive 10-kilo speaker are included.

3-way centre speaker with bass reflex technology

No compromises and an unbeatable price to boot. The Signature Centre is a fully-fledged 3-way system with bass reflex technology. The HighRes double tweeter is not only perfect for demanding music reproduction, its front panel with its specially developed dispersion pattern also makes it the first choice for home cinema. The two 170 mm bass-midrange drivers with their coated paper cones sit in solid metal baskets with generous air vents. They are manufactured in FE-Dynamics technology and are therefore highly resilient. This also applies to the vented voice coil unit. The crossover is amplitude and phase optimised so that level and timing are flawless at all frequencies.

The sturdy MDF cabinet has a high-gloss or satin-finish baffle, depending on the version. If desired, the removable fabric covering allows a view of the worthwhile technology. At the rear, there is a solid connection terminal with gold-plated contacts. Airflex ports also prevent disturbing airflow noise in the Signature Center. Attention to detail: resonance-damping rubber feet are included in the delivery.
Floorstanding speaker with double bass and integrated Dolby Atmos height channel speaker
The Monitor S 80 ATM is one of the technological highlights of the series. This is of course due to the Dolby Atmos module integrated into the top. This coaxial loudspeaker, specially developed according to Dolby's guidelines, consists of a 100 mm bass-midrange speaker and a 20 mm dome tweeter. By radiating upwards, the Atmos signals reach the listeners via the reflection on the ceiling. This eliminates the need for additional speakers.

The Atmos modules have their own connection terminals and are wired to the corresponding outputs of an amplifier or receiver. If you don't have one yet, you can first use the S 80 ATM as a classic front speaker and then simply upgrade to Atmos later with new electronics.
The "traditional" hi-fi part of the S 80 features two 170 mm woofers, a 110 mm midrange driver and a 28 mm dome tweeter. This is enough for a frequency spectrum from 26 to 38,000 Hz. With the Atmos module, by the way, it's also an impressive 26 to 28,000 Hz.

At 86 cm high, the S 80 has perfect dimensions, both acoustically and visually. With its cabinet in black or walnut, there is a suitable version for every living environment. The baffle has a black finish and the removable front cover made of acoustic fabric rounds off the appearance.
3-way bass reflex floorstanding speaker
The Monitor S 70 is the classic floorstanding speaker in the range. With two 170 woofers, and a midrange of the same size, it combines the desire for a lot of diaphragm space with a slim appearance at the same time. And the latter it really is. At an impressive 96 cm in height, it is barely wider than an A4 sheet at 21.5 cm.

Towards the top, the 28 mm dome tweeter takes over, which most S-Line speakers can boast. The assembly with identical drivers ensures that you get homogeneous sound all around, even in complex multi-channel systems. By the way, the two basses guarantee fulminant low frequencies, the frequency spectrum ranges from 19 up to 38,000 Hz.

With cabinet variants in black or walnut, the S 70 also has the right model for every style. The anthracite-colored baffle and the removable front cover made of acoustic fabric ensure a uniform appearance.

Powerful shelf speaker of the Magnat Monitor S-Line
No speaker lineup would be complete without a well-engineered shelf speaker. Because on the one hand, this is sometimes exactly the preferred solution, on the other hand, a simple lack of space can make more compact transducers necessary. With the S 30, the S-Line also offers exactly that. Like the floor-standing models, just 21.5 cm wide and with a height of a good 35 cm, the S 30 really does fit anywhere. It is the ideal speaker for entry into ambitious stereo and can be used perfectly as a surround speaker for expansion plans, for example.

Technically, the S 30 offers the familiar 170 mm bass-midrange driver and the 28 mm dome made of fabric composite material. Thus equipped, it casually reproduces frequencies between 34 and 38,000 Hz. Details such as the solid connection terminal with its gold-plated and encapsulated screw terminals or the resonance-damping rubber feet prove that compact dimensions do not have to mean sacrifice. Visually, the S 30 is identical to the other models: Black and walnut finishes, a black baffle and the removable textile cover ensure a homogeneous appearance all around.
2-way (di-pole), bookshelf and on-wall speaker
You don't see this every day: With the S 10 D, the S-Line is one of the few series on the market to offer a true dipole speaker for home theater. Anyone who wants to realize a sophisticated surround installation knows that surround channels are ideally realized as non-locatable, diffuse sources. In the cinema, this is done by placing several identical loudspeakers on either side. At home, this can be achieved much more easily with our dipoles, which, thanks to their three tweeters, not only radiate directly to the listeners, but also to the front and rear, thus creating a sound that fills the room, but is not directly locatable.

With its 110 mm bass-midrange driver and the three 13 mm dome tweeters, the S 10 D has components that harmonize perfectly acoustically with the other speakers. In this way, the sound is not only absolutely immersive, i.e. enveloping, but also homogeneous all around.
Compact 2 way bookshelf speaker
If there is really very little space available or a compact variant for the surround channels is sought, the shelf speaker S 10 B is the ideal occupation in the Monitor S-Line. Just 15 cm wide, 25 cm high and only 19 cm deep, we have designed it around the installed drivers, so to speak. In the S 10 B show namely the 110 mm woofer known from the series and the 13 mm dome made of Mylar. One really only has to make concessions here with the size, because acoustically our small shelf speaker shows itself namely on the highest level.

The solid MDF housing is also adorned with our smallest the noble wood decors in black and walnut and the dark baffle is found here as well as the removable textile cover for all those who do not want to see the flawless technology.
2.5 way center speaker with 4-way bass-midrange configuration
As home theater professionals know, the center speaker does most of the work during movie playback, because it is where the majority of the acoustic action takes place. Therefore, it makes more than sense to size the center speaker appropriately. And that's what we did - more than adequately, in fact. The S 14 C has four drivers with a diameter of 110 mm. Two of them are used as pure woofers, the other two as mid-bass drivers. The tweeter range is also taken over here by the fabric dome with its 28 mm. Due to the sophisticated equipment, the housing of the S 14 C could be very flat with a height of just 15 cm and therefore fits perfectly under almost any screen. The width of 70 and the depth of 19 cm, on the other hand, leave enough space for the installed drivers to develop properly. The result is a frequency response with a lower cutoff frequency of 38Hz. With a power handling of 100 watts or 200 watts peak power, no dynamic weaknesses are noticeable here, even in pure action movies.
2-Way compact center speaker with double bass
A center speaker is indispensable for good sound in the home theater. If this should or must be a little more compact, the S 12 C is a perfect choice. With two 110 mm woofers and a 13 mm dome tweeter, it is perfectly prepared for demanding cinema sound without taking up too much space. At just 42 cm wide, it fits not only on a low or sideboard, but actually in a recess of typical hi-fi component width. Just under 15 cm high and 19 cm deep, the solid MDF cabinet nevertheless offers enough volume for acoustic feats of brilliance.
Network player
In addition to the media diversity of CD, Bluetooth, FM and DAB+, the Magnat MC 200 also offers extensive access to music via WLAN or network cable. It can handle Spotify, Internet radio as well as playback from your home network (DLNA). The brand-new MAGNAT STREAMING APP for iOS and Android takes over comprehensive control of all these functions. Popular formats like MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC are also supported.

The converter and amplifier electronics, awarded the Hi-Res Seal by the Japan Audio Society, guarantee top audiophile sound in compact format. In addition to the multifunctional CD drive, it also features an FM tuner, a future-proof, digital DAB+ receiver as well as the best sounding Bluetooth version, aptX. The range of sources is rounded off by analogue and digital inputs. This is all packaged in a high-quality, solid-metal enclosure with a brushed aluminium front panel.

Download Magnat Audio Stream App im iOS AppStore
Compact high-end stereo NETWORK/CD/DAB/FM receiver
The MC 400 offers all the sources a music fan could wish for. From classics like vinyl and FM to CD, DAB+, Bluetooth and HDMI, most streaming services and Hi-Res audio from the local network. The question here is not whether you can listen to your desired source, but which one you want to listen to at the present moment.

Operation is child's play thanks to the 2.8-inch, brilliant TFT display on the front. In addition, there is a remote control and the option of comprehensive control with our own Magnat app for iOS and Android. With this, streaming services and multi-room functions can be used with ease.

The MC 400 can do everything, and in the best quality - this is guaranteed not only by the selected components inside, but also by our decades of know-how. All this is packed into an impressively solid cabinet in the classic hi-fi size of 43 cm.

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