Sound and technology in perfection

QUANTUM – Only the very best Magnat loudspeakers have this title bestowed on them: highest quality, innovative design principles and absolute high-tech components are the standard by which we measure ourselves. The perfect sound is achieved exclusively via specially developed technologies and selected components. For this reason, we develop all of the QUANTUM loudspeaker components ourselves – and are willing to pursue unusual and creative paths to this end: A trademark of our Quantum loudspeakers is the combination of different materials in the tweeters and subwoofers. For our tweeters, we use only the highest quality textile domes in the Quantum range. With their soft base material, they reproduce the treble range in a pure and optimum manner. On the other hand, we use hard materials for the woofer and subwoofer drivers: Our unique Ceramic Alu Cone Sandwich Membran [LINK] provides optimum conditions in terms of precision and internal damping.
We use the perfect material with the optimum properties for each frequency range. The result: Genuine Quantum sound.

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