Hi-Res Audio

Maximum frequency response

The Hi-Res Audio certification presented by the Japan Audio Society (JAS) stands for modern, high-resolution analogue and digital hi-fi. After testing, the certificate can be awarded for various categories of hi-fi devices. It guarantees particularly high cut-off frequencies for analogue devices and digital signal resolutions far above CD quality, ensuring that all Hi-Res Audio-certified devices meet the minimum standards for high-resolution playback.
To obtain the sought-after seal of approval, digital sections must be able to process at least 24 bits and 96 kHz, the entry format into the world of high-resolution digital signals. For loudspeakers and analogue devices, the certification stipulates an upper cut-off frequency of at least 40,000 Hz. This guarantees that corresponding signals are also reproduced correctly.
This Magnat product carries the Hi-Res Audio logo, ensuring that all of the JAS requirements for high-resolution reproduction have been tested and met.

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