Monitor Active 2000

Active 2-way shelf speaker with flexible electronics

  • Numerous connection options for flexible and versatile use for smartphone via Bluetooth®, record player, TV, etc
  • High-quality phono preamplifier for direct connection of a record player with MM magnet system
  • Integrated high-performance amplifier module, no additional amplifier is required
  • Powerful class D amplifier module with 2 x 35 watts RMS power
  • Bluetooth® input (version 4.1) for high-quality music from mobile devices

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Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX

High power performance with great spatial representation

  • 偶极设计,带来影院级震撼的环绕音效
  • 声级出众、设计紧凑
  • 偶极设计中配备两个高性能42mm球顶高音单元,带来真实环绕声
  • 17cm低音单元功能强大,再现强劲、动态的环绕声
  • 扁平梯形箱体,便于墙面安装

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Cinema Ultra SUB 300-THX

18 hertz and no end of acoustic pressure Certified by THX®

  • 为家庭影院提供18Hz的强劲、动态低音
  • 经THX Ultra 2认证的全球尺寸最小的低音炮
  • 32cm高品质低音单元,由两个32cm被动辐射器辅助
  • 集成D类放大器,额定输出功率为550瓦,最大峰值输出功率为1,100瓦
  • 极其坚固的中密度纤维板箱体,配备45mm坚实前障板

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Cinema Ultra AEH 400-ATM

With defined dispersion characteristics for perfect Dolby Atmos surround sound

  • 将家庭影院系统扩展至可带来完美环绕立体声体验的三维空间
  • 紧凑、高效的附加音箱,具有多功能的使用选择。
  • 高品质同轴发音单元,配备13cm低音单元和25mm球顶高音单元
  • 可用作经杜比全景声认证的LCR 100-THX的附加音箱或单独用作壁挂式或吸顶式音箱
  • 可切换分频器,可在任何应用中提供完美音质

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Cinema Ultra LCR 100-THX

Horizontal or vertical: the best THX front loudspeaker of its class

  • 经THX Ultra 2认证,是家庭影院爱好者的理想选择
  • 全球唯一经THX Ultra 2认证的前置扬声器,既可横放,也可竖放。
  • 42mm大尺寸球顶高音单元具有卓越性能,配备波导前面板,可达到理想的扩散特性
  • 两个功能强大的17cm低音单元,用于最大化动态范围、精度和表现
  • 极其坚固的中密度纤维板箱体,配有30mm低共振前障板

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MC 200

Network player

  • Network player for Spotify, Internet radio and files from the network
  • Amplifier and digital-to-analogue converter in certified Hi-Res quality
  • High-quality CD drive with precision laser unit and DAB+, FM tuner with a substantial station memory
  • Bluetooth 4.0 streaming with high-end audio stanads upard aptX

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Needle Alu Super Center

2-way centre speaker with dual bass driver

  • Sturdy, thick-walled aluminium enclosure, produced using the continuous casting method; optimized for horizontal operation
  • Maximum speech intelligibility for home cinemas – stylish looks and meticulous development bring surround sound into modern living rooms
  • Ideal as center speaker in a Needle Alu set: Identical components to those in the front towers for a homogeneous soundscape
  • Ideal as center speaker in a Needle Alu set: Identical components to those in the front towers for a homogeneous soundscape
  • Four 70 mm woofers with a specially hardened cellulose membrane and low-distortion centering

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Prime One

Reference class Bluetooth® loudspeaker system

  • State-of-the-art hifi sound with 5 drivers: 2 x high-end two-way systems with powerful woofers, real tweeter domes and large downfire bass radiator
  • Music streaming via Bluetooth® with the high-end audio standard Qualcomm® aptX™
  • Control by six full-metal top-side buttons & via paired smartphone
  • Digital amplifier of the latest generation with a total output power of 80 watts for precise sound
  • Outstanding finishing quality with solid full-aluminium top plate

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