A sleek & minimalist design: Edelstein Signature loudspeakers impress not only with their rich sound, but also with their
minimalist design and ultra-compact format. The aluminum front encapsulates the drivers, and the whole is highlighted by an
acrylic glass base that adds lightness to the design. Two finishes are available for contemporary interiors: a deep, authentic
satin black or a subtle, silky satin white.
Designed in Germany: Developed in our state-of-the-art laboratories in Pulheim, Germany, Edelstein Signature
loudspeakers are a testament to precision engineering. Every detail has been thought through with the utmost care, and every
component carefully selected. All have been tested and optimized with the Klippel system to deliver a quality product.
Crystal-Clear Highs: Experience crystal-clear highs with the dual-compound fabric dome tweeter. Its extra-wide surround
improves frequency dispersion above 20 kHz, ensuring a rich and impressive sound image. The 'Spherical Wave-Guide'
integrated into the solid aluminum front panel guarantees optimum dispersion characteristics, while mechanical coupling
minimizes natural vibrations. The powerful neodymium magnet system ensures outstanding dynamics and resolution.
Masterpiece of low-distortion and deep bass: The bass-midrange drivers has been carefully designed for low-distortion
audio reproduction. A non-magnetic die-cast aluminum basket optimizes airflow and prevents compression effects at large
cone excursions. The Kapton voice coil former ensures a clean mid-range and increases efficiency. The innovative "3L" cone,
composed of three layers (ceramic/magnesium-aluminum/ceramic), along with the inverted dust dome, ensures high rigidity,
internal damping, and flawless performance in the mid-range.
No need to be gigantic to put on a show - thanks to their technical capabilities and aesthetic sophistication,
Signature Edelstein speakers are undoubtedly a jewel in the world of speakers that will delight music and film lovers looking
for an ultra-compact solution

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