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Monitor S30

Powerful shelf speaker of the Magnat Monitor S-Line

  • Powerful bookshelf speaker
  • Use as a hi-fi loudspeaker or as an effect loudspeaker in the home cinema
  • FE-Dynamics woofer and midrange driver with new phase-optimised dust dome
  • High-quality wood dekore with anthracite contrasting baffle

Powerful shelf speaker of the Magnat Monitor S-Line

No speaker lineup would be complete without a well-engineered shelf speaker. Because on the one hand, this is sometimes exactly the preferred solution, on the other hand, a simple lack of space can make more compact transducers necessary. With the S 30, the S-Line also offers exactly that. Like the floor-standing models, just 21.5 cm wide and with a height of a good 35 cm, the S 30 really does fit anywhere. It is the ideal speaker for entry into ambitious stereo and can be used perfectly as a surround speaker for expansion plans, for example.

Technically, the S 30 offers the familiar 170 mm bass-midrange driver and the 28 mm dome made of fabric composite material. Thus equipped, it casually reproduces frequencies between 34 and 38,000 Hz. Details such as the solid connection terminal with its gold-plated and encapsulated screw terminals or the resonance-damping rubber feet prove that compact dimensions do not have to mean sacrifice. Visually, the S 30 is identical to the other models: Black and walnut finishes, a black baffle and the removable textile cover ensure a homogeneous appearance all around.

Technical specifications

  • Haut-parleur d'étagère 2 voies
  • Bassreflex 2 voies
  • Haut-parleur moyennes basses 170 mm
  • 1.1" dome-tweeter
Puissance nominale (RMS/Max.)
  • 100 / 200 W
Efficacité (2.8V/1m)
  • 90 dB
  • 4 – 8 Ohm
Fréquence de recouvrement
  • 2900 Hz
Puissance recommandée en sortie de l’amplificateur
  • 30 - 200 W
  • 5.8 kg


  • Haut-parleur d'étagère 2 voies
  • Bassreflex 2 voies
  • Woofer-midrange driver with sturdy, coated metal basket
  • Newly developed 28 mm tweeter with fabric composite dome tweeter, front panel with radiation-optimised sound path and powerful ferrite drive for excellent dynamics
  • FE-Dynamics woofers and bass-midrange drivers with low partial vibration, coated paper cones, new phase-optimised dust caps and linearised magnet systems.
  • Grande zone de connecteurs avec des bornes a vis de grandes dimensions et des contacts plaques or
  • Connection terminal with gold-plated and encapsulated screw terminals
  • Resonance-damping rubber feet
  • Grille de protection en tissu acoustique détachable
  • Port Airflex à évent Reflex arrondi pour la réduction des bruits de flux
  • Structure de boîtier robuste et à faibles résonances en panneaux de bois MDF E1


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