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Monitor S10 D

2-way (di-pole), bookshelf and on-wall speaker

  • Compact dipole bookshelf speaker, ideal as rear speaker in home cinema systems
  • Dipole tweeter section with two additional side-mounted tweeters
  • A total of three 13 mm tweeters with ultra-light Mylar domes
  • High-quality wood decors with anthracite offset baffle
  • Device for wall mounting

2-way (di-pole), bookshelf and on-wall speaker

You don't see this every day: With the S 10 D, the S-Line is one of the few series on the market to offer a true dipole speaker for home theater. Anyone who wants to realize a sophisticated surround installation knows that surround channels are ideally realized as non-locatable, diffuse sources. In the cinema, this is done by placing several identical loudspeakers on either side. At home, this can be achieved much more easily with our dipoles, which, thanks to their three tweeters, not only radiate directly to the listeners, but also to the front and rear, thus creating a sound that fills the room, but is not directly locatable.

With its 110 mm bass-midrange driver and the three 13 mm dome tweeters, the S 10 D has components that harmonize perfectly acoustically with the other speakers. In this way, the sound is not only absolutely immersive, i.e. enveloping, but also homogeneous all around.

Technical specifications

  • 2-way di-pole rear speaker
  • 3x 1/2
  • 110 mm altavoz de graves/medios
Resistencia (RMS/Max.)
  • 60 / 120 Watt
Rendimiento (1 vatio/1 m)
  • 88 dB
Gama de frecuencias
  • 42 – 32.000 Hz
Frecuencia de separación
  • 3.400 Hz
Potencia recomendada del amplificador
  • 20 - 120 Watt
Dimensiones (an x al x pr)
  • 149 x 250 x 130 mm
  • 2.2 kg


  • 2-way di-pole rear speaker
  • Three 13mm tweeters with ultra-lightweight Mylar domes and powerful ferrite drives for precise high-frequency reproduction
  • Woofer-midrange driver with sturdy, coated metal basket
  • FE-Dynamics woofers and bass-midrange drivers with low partial vibration, coated paper cones, new phase-optimised dust caps and linearised magnet systems.
  • Crossover con optimización de amplitudes y fases
  • Patas de goma de amortiguación de resonancia incluidas
  • Detachable front cover with acoustic cloth
  • Diseño de carcasa robusta y de baja resonancia con paneles de madera MDF E1