Power Amp

Generous performance reserves

After selection, pre-amplification and volume control of the music comes the final function of an amplifier - producing the power for the speakers. This is by no means a trivial task: the amplifier stage has to reproduce the music signal in a rapid and absolutely precise manner, also at the highest loads. Valves and tubes provide a great sound as an amplifier stage, but necessitate complex technical measures, deliver relatively little power and do not work well with all speakers. The resilient and versatile transistor is therefore better suited to the generation of power. For these reasons, we have combined a tube pre-amp stage with a transistor power-amp stage in this Magnat amplifier so as to benefit from the advantages of both technologies. The valves/tubes selected show off their sonorous charm to the full in the low power range of the amplifier. When it really is a matter of power, on the other hand, the particularly high-quality transistors fully exploit their technical advantages. A generously dimensioned and elaborately stabilised power supply provides the energy needed for this in a reliable way. The so-called "discrete structure" of the amplifier stage from selected individual components also guarantees optimum cooling, precisely defined signal paths and the best component quality.

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