Main In

Supports bi-amping

This amplifier has a Main-in input, which means it can also be used as a stereo power amp if needed. This is useful, for example, when high-quality speakers are to be operated in bi-amping mode [LINK]. In this case, the signals are transmitted from the main receiver to the Main-in input of this amplifier via the Pre-out output [LINK]. The loudspeaker then receives, for example, the output for the mid-tone and treble ranges from the main receiver, while the second amplifier takes care exclusively of the power-hungry bass. The result: even more differentiated sound and considerably greater power reserves for dynamic passages and high volumes. This amplifier does, of course, also work as a fully-fledged, high-quality pre-/power-amp combination with all the associated functions. The Main-in input merely represents an additional option, making the system even more flexible.

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