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MA 900

Stereo high-end hybrid integrated amplifier

  • Stereo hybrid amplifier with high output power
  • Selected and previously burned-in tubes for optimum sound
  • 2 x 200 watts of sine power, 2 x 320 watts of pulse power
  • Extensive array of connections, including digital, analogue and Bluetooth
  • Individually designated inputs
  • Sturdy metal housing with solid aluminum front panel and operating elements

Stereo high-end hybrid integrated amplifier

The combination of tube and transistor technology has a long tradition at Magnat. After all, it combines an optimum sound with an impressive performance. The MA 900 is no different. It scores highly with its impressive technical values, extensive configuration and optimum workmanship, as well as its minimalist design.

Full-power performance - 200 watts x 2
While the selected and burned-in ECC 81 high-end tubes take care of amplifying the fine input signals and generate the inimitable tube sound, the power transistors ensure a solid continuous output of 200 watts of sine power per channel. The pulse power produced is an impressive 320 watts.

5 analogue low-level inputs and a 3.5 mm jack input at the front of the unit, as well as 4 digital inputs and a phono input for MM and MC systems, all guarantee connectivity for even the most extensive AV systems. Tablets, smartphones and computers can also be connected via Bluetooth with optimum sound quality thanks to the aptX HD standard.

Magnat MA 900 – Tradition meets modernity

The combination of melodious tubes in the preamplifier unit together with powerful transistors turns the MA 900 into a hybrid amplifier; a product category that is rare but has a long tradition at Magnat. The tubes, which have already been burned-in for a perfect sound, are selected prior to assembly to ensure that a pair with perfectly compatible values is used.

A look that will last forever

All of this is packed in a sturdy metal housing with a front panel and operating elements that are made of solid aluminum. Every touch is a pleasure. In addition, the unique concept of the MA 900 is visually emphasized by the individually selected designations lighting up in the clear dual line display on one side of the unit when selecting the input, and the tubes emitting their soft glow on the other. Of course, all of this can also be controlled with the system remote control that is supplied.

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Technical specifications

Frequency response
  • CD/Streamer/Aux/Line/Tape/Tuner 6 Hz – 100 kHz (-3 dB) 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 0,2 dB)
  • Subsonic Filter: 16Hz, 18 dB/Oct.
  • hono: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-0,3 dB)
Digital inputs
  • 1. optical (Toslink™)
  • 2. coaxial (cinch)
  • Supported bit depth: 16/24bits
  • Supported sampling frequencies: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz
Bluetooth® input
  • Bluetooth® streaming (5.0) with the high-end audio standard Qualcomm® aptX™
Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • Main unit: 433 x 162 x 316 mm
  • 11.7 kg


Amplifier and power supply
  • Discrete Class A/B power amplifier
  • Power output: 200 watts of sine power per channel at 4 ohms and 2 x 320 watts of maximum pulse power
  • Elaborate mains adapter with separately stabilised supply voltage for the individual circuits
  • High-capacity filter/electrolytic capacitors
  • Shielded toroidal transformer
  • Standby power supply for low power consumption in standby mode < 0,5 watts
Bluetooth® input
  • Bluetooth® streaming (5.0) with the high-end audio standard Qualcomm® aptX™
  • Solid aluminium controls
  • Readable, two-line clear text display with adjustable brightness (3 stages)
  • System remote control for all functions
  • Speaker terminal with solid, insulated screw terminals that are capable of accommodating large cable cross-sections
  • Stable feet with damping rubber insert
  • Mono switch (for analog sources)
  • Record Out fixed level output
  • Headphone output with high-quality 6.3 mm jack socket
  • Digital inputs (2 x optical and 2 x coaxial) for sampling frequencies up to 192kHz/24bits
  • Bluetooth® input (5.0) supports the high-end audio standard Qualcomm aptX®HD
  • Cirrus Logic® digital-to-analogue converter
  • SOURCE GAIN function allows the volume to be adjusted by +/- 6dB for every source
  • SOURCE RENAME function allows you to freely specify the names of individual sources (14 digits)
  • Low-noise tube preamplifier with 2 x ECC 81 tubes
  • Preselected and burned-in tubes
  • MM and MC phono preamplifier with ultra-low noise operational amplifiers from Texas Instruments incl. subsonic filter
  • Five analogue low-level inputs
  • Additional 3.5 mm audio input on the front panel for connecting portable devices