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RV 3

High-end hybrid integrated amplifier with audiophile tube preamplifier

Magnat´s developers have used the experience gained from its legendary RV 2 tube amplifier to effectively combine the advantages offered by tube technology with those offered by modern transistor technology. The result is an integrated amplifier which boasts a particularly audiophile tube preamplifier and a transistor output stage that is extremely willing to perform

High-end hybrid integrated amplifier with audiophile tube preamplifier

The heart of the audiophile unit beats in the RV 3´s tube preamplifier

Magnat´s RV 3 is a hybrid integrated amplifier with a channel-separated tube preamplifier and power amplifiers that utilize discrete transistor technology. The heart and control center of the RV 3 lies in the audiophile tube preamplifier, which amplifies the incoming signals directly after the input stage. One ´ECC 82´ tube is used for each amplifier channel. These Russian-made tubes have been burned-in for 60 hours prior to installation and then selected in pairs. The double triode is designed according to the SRPP principle and operates in a particularly linear and distortion-free manner. Fans of vinyl will be delighted by the elaborate phono section with its separate inputs for moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) pickups.

Perfect sound quality at all volumes and excellent compatibility with modern speakers

The driving force behind the RV 3 is a discrete power amplifier with high quality power transistors from Toshiba. These guarantee 400 watts of continuous sine power and a short-term provision of more than 700 watts of total power. Thanks to a high internal damping factor the amplifier is perfectly suitable for driving speakers with critical connected loads. As it´s the quality of the power supply unit and not high wattage values that are crucial for the sound quality and dynamics of an amplifier, the developers have placed special emphasis on this area. This has resulted in a vibration-resistant, encapsulated toroidal transformer being utilized in this part of the amplifier. Elaborate, separately stabilized supply voltages and generously dimensioned buffer capacitors ensure dynamic, low-noise properties and excellent channel separation for the individual amplifier sections.

State of the art mechanical components and equipment

The two solid, customised heat sinks, the solid metal caps for the impressive transformer and the buffer capacitor battery generate a unique and distinctive design, without detracting from the flawless functionality of the device. A solid aluminum knob for volume control is positioned centrally in the 8 mm thick aluminum front panel, which actuates a high-precision ALPS motorized potentiometer. The selected input source is indicated on the front panel via a clear OLED display. The unit itself can also be optionally operated via the solid metal remote control. The speaker terminals are generously dimensioned, gold-plated to ensure clean signal transmission and encapsulated in acrylic for safety. These terminals are extremely sturdy and enable cables, including those with large cross-sections, to be connected securely. Two pairs of connectors are available for each channel, thereby ensuring that bi-wiring operation is also possible.

Technical specifications


Serienmerkmale Elektronik_EN
  • High-contrast "organic LED display"
  • Low-noise preamplifier tube
  • Discreetly configured power amplifier
  • MM / MC Phono
  • Solid aluminium control elements
  • Solid aluminium front panel