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MA 1000 & MCD 1050

Audiophile electronic components - integrated amplifier and pure CD player

Separate audio components offer a seemingly trivial, but crucial advantage: more space! As simple as it may sound, this is an invaluable asset for the development engineers. The eternal compromise between dimensions/compactness and acoustic aspects is largely eliminated here and the engineers are able to concentrate solely on creating an excellent audio performance. The electronic components used by Magnat in its 1000 series models operate in a well thought-out and enclosed system, are equipped with the highest quality materials and components and share one common goal: to satisfy extremely high audiophile standards in every department.

Audiophile electronic components - integrated amplifier and pure CD player

The MA 1000 hybrid integrated amplifier - the best of two worlds

The core element of this stereo integrated amplifier is contained in its name, i.e. ´hybrid´. The audiophile sound of the high quality tube preamplifier and the enormous and stable power output of a modern transistor amplifier create the perfect foundation for an outstanding acoustic performance.
At the heart of the MA 1000 is undoubtedly the tube preamplifier and the pre-selected ECC 82 Russian-made tubes that have been burned-in for 60 hours. In developing the MA 1000 special attention was given to the phono stage. This features two separate inputs, including one for moving magnet pickups (MM) and one for moving coil pickups (MC). When two pickups are connected they can be easily alternated between via the remote control. A discrete high-power amplifier with Toshiba power transistors ensures the necessary output. The MA 1000 is provided with 115 watts of continuous power per channel. Generous filter electrolytic capacitors are also integrated in the power supply to absorb extreme power peaks (4 x 10,000 uF).
The exquisite parts and components are accommodated in a sturdy solid metal housing. The control elements are also manufactured from solid aluminium, while high quality ALPS motor potentiometers can be found behind the volume controls. The organic LED display on the front panel rounds off the elegant overall appearance of the unit. This high-resolution and high-contrast display not only greatly enhances legibility, but also creates an exquisite visual accent.

Maximum precision and audiophile properties make the MCD 1050 the perfect addition to the MA 1000

Two worlds are also united in the MCD 1050. This high-end CD player combines the precision of high quality sampled and digitally recorded signals with the audiophile and unmistakable sound of a high quality analogue tube output stage.
The pure CD drive ensures precise sampling of optical media. A special highlight, however, is made up by the digital inputs which support sampling rates up to 192 kHz/24 bit. Digital sources can be connected to the MCD 1050 via optical, coaxial and USB inputs to take advantage of its high quality D/A converter section. This incorporates exquisite, state of the art Burr-Brown digital/analogue converters, which offer maximum levels of precision. This cd player has also a selectable upsampling feature 192kHz/24bits for CD and digital inputs. The tube output stage is channel-separated and equipped with 2x ECC88 double triodes, which ensures a linear frequency response well beyond 40 kHz is achieved. Pre-selected and burned-in Russian-made tubes are also exclusively used in the MCD 1050. Like the hybrid integrated amplifier, this high-end CD player also features a high-resolution, high-contrast OLED display. The components are not only perfectly coordinated in terms of acoustic performance, but they are also perfectly suited in terms of their visual appearance.

Technical specifications


Serienmerkmale Elektronik_EN
  • Premium CD Player
  • Low-noise preamplifier tube
  • Discreetly configured power amplifier
  • High-contrast "organic LED display"
  • Solid aluminium front panel
  • MM / MC Phono
  • Solid aluminium control elements