Magnat Tempus Series combines HiFi and home cinema – dynamics, power and precision for enjoying music and movies

Audio experts Magnat offer an attractively priced entry-level bundle for both HiFi and home cinema enthusiasts: the Tempus Series. Column speakers Tempus 77 or 55 and bookshelf speakers Tempus 33 each make up their own finely tuned stereo systems for sophisticated music applications. Enhanced by additional Tempus 33 as rear speakers, a Tempus Center 22 centre speaker and 120 Watts active subwoofer Tempus Sub 300A, the Tempus Series speakers form an impressive surround sound array. Due to the identical enclosures on all passive speakers, they constitute a uniform and consistent system. Ensuring a perfect HiFi or home cinema experience, Magnat Tempus Series is available through retailers or online.
Do HiFi and home cinema applications have to be mutually exclusive? No, says audio specialist Magnat, combining the strengths of both disciplines in the new impressive Tempus Series. Ranging from pristine, precise and detailed audio for music of all genres to thrilling, captivating surround sound for movies, Tempus Series constitutes the perfect start into a whole new dimension of sound, be it HiFi or home cinema.

The Science of Sound
Magnat stands for more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing speakers. At their headquarters in Pulheim, Germany, the engineers work hard to achieve uncompromised sound transmission and develop ever new technologies, in short: The Science of Sound.
The extensive know-how is not restricted to the high-end models but is to be found in entry level systems as well. Thus, Tempus speakers profit from the Magnat developers’ accumulated knowledge and provide outstanding performance at a bargain price.

Exclusive technologies, painstaking manufacturing and development
A Klippel measuring system was deployed in the optimizing and fine-tuning of all Tempus Series speaker chassis, ensuring perfect performance in virtually resonance-free enclosures. In the column, bookshelf and centre speakers a special fmax tweeter with an optimized wave guide is used to provide the particularly even distribution which this frequency band requires. The Airflex Ports are rounded on both sides to reduce air motion noise. Most bass reflex tunnels are only rounded on the outside, making them less efficient.

Precise hifi sound
At its core, Tempus is a stereo system – from 3 way column speakers Tempus 77 and 2.5 way Tempus 55 to 2 way bookshelf speakers Tempus 33. As the largest variation, Tempus 77 is over one metre tall and equipped with a 25 mm tweeter, a 170 mm bass-midrange driver and two 170 mm woofer. With only one woofer, Tempus 55 stands more compact at the expense of a fraction low end (24 Hz as opposed to 22 Hz from Tempus 77). Both column speakers offer top quality stereo HiFi sound and a precise and detailed musical reproduction. Both models boast bi-amping and bi-wiring options for the use with adequately equipped HiFi or multichannel receivers – rare features in this price range and a great chance to further improve the performance. Bookshelf speakers Tempus 33 employ the same chassis as the column speakers for their tweeters and bass-midrange drivers. With their classic 2 way bass reflex design they provide HiFi sound with a compact form factor.

Enthralling home cinema
Experiencing surround sound in your home cinema does not require a whole different system – just enhance your existing Tempus stereo setup: Tempus 33 bookshelf speakers not only qualify as a pristine stereo HiFi system, but also as rear speakers for home cinema setups. What support is required for the low end, Tempus Sub 300A can provide it: With 120 Watts of low frequency power, the subwoofer’s 300 mm driver pumps dynamic dry sub bass down to 20 Hertz into the room. Relieved of the low-end frequency spectrum, the other speakers can reproduce mid- and high-frequency ranges more accurately. For impeccable intelligibility of speech, centre speaker Tempus Center 22 is outfitted with one tweeter and two midrange drivers.

Tempus Series: flawless synergy
The use of identical high and mid range drivers in all parts of the system guarantees a smooth, uniform acoustic image throughout the surround setup. HiFi column speakers Tempus 77 and 55 integrate seamlessly into the ensemble while also providing exceptional stereo sound. The additional active subwoofer gives all other components the space required for ideal results even in action packed sonic situations.

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