Magnat RV 4 Hybrid valve amplifier including Bluetooth aptX is available now – new generation, proven and tested features

Magnat presents the new hybrid valve amplifier RV 4: The successor of the legendary RV 3 sticks to tried and tested features while upgrading them consequently with state-of-the-art technology. The unique hybrid construction featuring valves in the pre-amp (for an audiophile sound) and transistors in the power-amp (for maximum performance) are again the core principle of the amplifier. The high-end product offers impressive 150 Watts of RMS power per channel and 500 watts of total power output. Numerous inputs and a phono pre-amp provide maximum connectivity. Extraordinary: The Magnat RV 4 offers additional digital inputs as well as Bluetooth, including aptX. A high-class Burr-Brown D/A-converter handles signals up to 192kHz/24Bit in perfect quality. This way, connected speakers will always receive the best possible signal from all kinds of sources and still have lots of power reserves to reproduce a warm, audiophile sound.

Already the first look reveals: The Magnat RV 4 hybrid valve amplifier is pure audiophile HiFi. The high-class stereo amp sticks to the valve/transistor concept as well as the distinctive design elements of its legendary predecessor RV 3 but pushes the limits even further. The RV 4 offers a convenient Bluetooth connection including aptX as well. This way it combines audiophile high-tech with state-of-the-art audio streaming. Purists will be happy to hear that there are numerous analogue and digital inputs available as well as a high-class phono pre-amp supporting MM and MC record players.

Outstanding hybrid approach: Valve meets transistor
The audiophile heart of the Magnat RV 4 beats loud and clear in the pre-amp: Two high-end Russian E88CC valves, burnt in for at least 60 hours and carefully selected, are at work here. This way the Magnat engineers guarantee that the RV 4 delivers a warm valve sound, that is highly regarded, especially among HiFi fans. A power-amp featuring high-class Sanken (Japan) transistors is in charge of delivering high performance. 150 Watts of RMS power are available per channel. The total power output of the RV 4 rates even as high as 500 Watts.

Nostalgia meets wireless
The Magnat RV 4 offers a whole lot of digital inputs and provides the perfect connection for anybody, from hifi-purists to record-lovers or even streaming-fans. The integrated phono pre-amp features separate inputs for MM and MC players and provides the option to enjoy ones record collection in the best possible quality. The integrated Bluetooth module is tailored for streaming-fans: Thanks to aptX the RV 4 receives the digital music collection from a smartphone, tablet or notebook in CD-quality. The integrated Burr-Brown module handles the D/A conversion. For the traditionalist there are also four line-level inputs available as well as two digital inputs (optical and coaxial). Digital sources may provide the signal at up to 192kHz/24Bit and will be converted by the same high-end Burr-Brown DAC.

Main-In connection for a most harmonic home cinema integration
Those who don’t want to decide between pure HiFi and dynamic home cinema can have both with the Magnat RV 4. The high-end stereo-amp offers a Main-In connection. This way he blends into any home cinema setup – either as a high-class stereo amplifier for the front speakers or for any other channels. Its owners will not only benefit from an overall increase in system power but also make sure their front speakers will do an excellent job as a high-class stereo system.

Sophisticated, unique design
The outstanding audio concept of the Magnat RV 4 is visible at first sight – just as with its predecessor the RV 3. Distinctive valves are glowing in a warm orange tone while working. The heat sinks on the top give the high-end receiver a unique design. A high resolution OLED display, which is perfectly readable from any angle, informs about the current system status, volume and source selection. Its circular, organic shape also blends perfectly into the overall design of the RV 4. The full-metal housing featuring an 8-mm front plate and the controls made from massive Aluminium complement the high-class design of this outstanding amplifier.

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