Fully active home cinema soundbar with wireless subwoofer

Exclusive components for a perfect sound experience

Two high-quality two-way stereo systems with two tweeters and four subwoofers are incorporated into the sturdy plastic enclosure of the SBW 250 soundbar. Two 25 mm tweeters and four 35x90 mm woofers are powered by a four-channel power amplifier with digital filtering and linearisation via DSP. Separate amplifiers for tweeters and subwoofers guarantee the highest precision and maximum dynamics. The separate, active sidefire subwoofer with a powerful long-throw chassis 20 cm in diameter achieves maximum output power of 200 watts. The combination of the aerodynamically designed bass-reflex tube and a sturdy MDF enclosure produces an extremely powerful, voluminous foundation with thrust and high precision. The signal transmission from the soundbar to the subwoofer is completely digital and is based on the reliable 2.4 GHz standard.

High flexibility and top quality

A wide range of connectivity options, including HDMI, not only simplifies installation and start-up of the SBW 250, it also guarantees a high degree of playback flexibility. The Audio Return Channel makes single-cable connection with the TV possible without any difficulty, while HDMI CEC even enables the soundbar to be controlled via the TV remote control. Other devices are connected to three additional, UltraHD-compatible HDMI inputs. The SBW 250 soundbar can also receive audio signals wirelessly via Bluetooth®. Combined with an aptX™-compatible device, wireless transmission is even produced in CD quality.

Dolby® Digital Decoder and 3D surround sound

Dolby digital signals, which are sent via HDMI or the optical digital input, are decoded by the SBW 250 itself. In addition, an integrated DSP-controlled 3D surround sound program is included which provides a particularly immersive sound experience for both films and music. Three EQ presets optimally adapt the playback to film material and music or improve voice clarity. Also included is a lip-synch function and a night mode with reduced dynamics for volume-sensitive times.


Features and special features of this series

SBW 250

Plne aktívny soundbar domáceho kina s bezdrôtovým subwooferom, Bluetooth a HDMI

  • Vysokokvalitný zvukový systém s bezdrôtovým subwooferom, bluetooth aptX pripojením a množstvom HDMI vstupov vrátane ARC a CEC
  • Vysokokvalitný soundbar s pulzným výkonom 160 wattov, ako aj program priestorového zvuku 3D pre napínavý virtuálny priestorový zvuk
  • 2x2- pásmový systém s dvomi 25 mm výškovými a štyrmi 90 mm basovými reproduktormi pre presnú a detailnú produkciu
  • Vysokovýkonný 200 mm subwoofer pre silný, dynamický a napínavý basový zážitok
  • Robustný a nízkorezonančný kryt MDF subwoofera, vysokokvalitné plastové puzdro s ozvučením vhodným na montáž na stenu

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