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CSB 1000

Home cinema soundbar with wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth and WLAN function

Home cinema soundbar with wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth and WLAN function

The Magnat CSB 1000 soundbar delivers maximum home cinema enjoyment in an ultra-compact format suitable for living rooms: With total pulse power of 360 watts, the high-end system produces enough power to provide the living room with high-action home cinema sound. The four HDMI ports ensure maximum connectivity with all other home cinema sources - from TV receiver to games console. Audio streaming is even more convenient via Bluetooth aptX or WLAN: This means you can play your music collection directly onto the audio system from your smartphone, tablet or notebook. The Spotify® streaming service is supported, as is expansion to a powerful Allplay™ multi-room system. The subwoofer set-up also guarantees maximum convenience: thanks to the wireless connection, the subwoofer can be positioned in the room with the greatest flexibility.

High-end soundbar with a broad set of features

The Magnat CSB 1000 produces outstanding sound from just one single, slim loudspeaker that can be discreetly placed below the TV or mounted on the wall. For highly detailed reproduction, the CSB 1000 has two tweeters and four woofers as well as a total pulse power output of 160 watts on board - enough to accompany the most action-packed sequences with thrilling sound. Additional equalizer presets enable optimum playback of varied content like films or music. The night mode provides for perfect cinema enjoyment in the small hours when other family members or neighbors should not be disturbed.

Wireless subwoofer with 200 watts of pulse power

It´s hard for a real home cinema feeling to emerge without a subwoofer, but where do you put the specialist bass unit? Thanks to the 5.8 GHz wireless connection, you can position the 25 cm sub just about anywhere in the living room or home cinema, e.g. behind the sofa. This does not affect the reproduction quality on account of the human ear hardly being able to locate low-pitched tones. With 200 watts of pulse power, the fully active wireless subwoofer has more than enough power reserves for all application purposes and delivers both dynamic and, in the same measure, dry, precise bass for films and music. The sidefire subwoofer also obtains additional bass power from the aerodynamically shaped bass reflex tube at the front.

Broad range of connection options for maximum connectivity

In addition to the convenient streaming option via WLAN and Bluetooth aptX, the CSB 1000 offers numerous other options for connecting the entire home cinema system: The HDMI ARC input is ideally suited to connect your TV. Thanks to the CEC function, the soundbar can even be controlled directly via the TV remote control (if supported by the TV). In addition, there are three further HDMI ports available for a Blu-ray player, games console, TV receiver or other source devices. Furthermore, the optical digital input as well as a 3.5 mm jack connector can be used for pure audio sources. Various connection cables are included in the package so that you can start using the CSB 1000 immediately.

Virtual surround sound without any annoying cables.

The CSB 1000 replaces not only the stereo system but, rather, a complete 5.1 set-up: Thanks to a realistic, DSP-controlled 3D surround sound program, films and music are reproduced with a surround sound effect. This extends the sound stage considerably beyond the dimensions of the slim soundbar. The high-end soundbar provides all this in a single, slim enclosure directly by the television and without any troublesome cables in the living room.

With the Magnat CSB 1000, home cinema and music fans get a high-quality sound system with a broad range of connection options and features. This home cinema control center ensures flexible and precise playback of action films, favorite music, Spotify songs and all other audio content.

Technical specifications


Vlastnosti reproduktorov
  • DSP-Controlled
  • Subwoofer s vysokým zdvihom pre maximálny výkon v basovom rozhraní
  • Filtračný obvod pre optimalizáciu frekvenčnej odozvy v subwooferoch
  • Aktívne ovládaný obvod pre obmedzenie zdvihu kónusu
  • Bass-reflex port optimalizovaný pre tok
  • Optimalizované laserovým asistenčným systémom merania Klippel