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Signature 900

Premium hi-fi for aficionados

Premium hi-fi for aficionados

The 900 series of the Signature range combines the best in speaker technology with a sophisticated yet timeless enclosure design. All of the speakers in the 900 series have Hi-Res Audio certification, of course, and are therefore able to reproduce even the highest frequencies. Two floor-standing speakers, a shelf model, a centre speaker for home cinema applications and an active subwoofer provide for the perfect combination according to requirements, space and intended application.

Best chassis – Hi-Res certified

The die-cast aluminum module responsible for the fabulous sound in the treble range has two fmax tweeters and is certified by the Japan Audio Society with the Hi-Res seal. A 30 mm dome with a particularly wide bead allows it to operate with a low crossover frequency and therefore connect perfectly to the mid-range unit. The additional 20 mm super dome tweeter is the basis for extended high-frequency response. Even though a lot of media seemingly do not provide frequencies that extend this high, that is precisely where the harmonics so relevant for the auditory impression are located. In addition, the dome displays excellent all-round dispersion characteristics, together with the precisely calculated sound guides in the front panel, resulting in perfect three-dimensionality.

The aluminum die-cast woofers and midrange drivers are made of ceramic-aluminum diaphragms. The clever blend of materials guarantees the maximum possible damping of disturbing partial vibrations and resonances as well as optimum weight. This means that the powerful neodymium technology drives are not only able to reproduce extremely dynamic music; the diaphragms also remain absolutely stable and, therefore, free of distortion. Sturdy loudspeaker baskets made of die-cast aluminum guarantee the necessary stability behind the scenes.

Exceptional production quality

The audiophile chassis technology feels completely at home in the absolutely low-resonance enclosure made of solid MDF, the inside of which is fitted with multiple bracing to ensure maximum freedom from resonances. The 900 series is available in either an elegant black piano or exclusive Macassar design veneer finish. Two Airflex ports with rounded openings ensure that the precisely calculated bass-reflex tuning remains completely silent, even when air is set in motion at high levels. The removable fabric guard is attached with magnets. In this way, the look remains immaculate even with the textile protection is removed. As well as enabling secure set-up, the base plate also particularly ensures resonance-free operation. On top of this, high-quality connection terminals are provided to accommodate large cable sizes and offer the option for bi-wiring and bi-amping.

Complete family

The Signature 900 caters to every need, from the compact shelf-top speaker, which can also be used as a surround-sound unit, to two full-size floor-standing models and the centre speaker for home cinema applications. A high-performance active subwoofer with a digital amplifier complements the range perfectly.

Technical specifications


Vlastnosti reproduktorov
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • Optimalizované laserovým asistenčným systémom merania Klippel
  • Bass-reflex port optimalizovaný pre tok
  • Subwoofer s vysokým zdvihom pre maximálny výkon v basovom rozhraní
  • Špeciálna konštrukcia kónusu pre zlepšené vlastnosti rozptylu
  • Potiahnutá tkaná kupola pre zlepšený dynamický rozsah
  • Pre samostatné ovládanie výšok a basov
  • Výhybka s optimalizáciou amplitúdy a fázy
  • Vynikajúce vetranie zaistené pomocou optimalizovanej konštrukcii kmitacej cievky
  • Filtračný obvod pre optimalizáciu frekvenčnej odozvy v subwooferoch
  • Robustný keramický/hliníkový kónus s excelentnými tlmiacimi vlastnosťami
  • Magnat basový menič so zvýšenou dynamikou a zlepšenou účinnosťou
  • Aktívne ovládaný obvod pre obmedzenie zdvihu kónusu