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Monitor Supreme 202

Shelf speaker, 2-way bass reflex

The Monitor Supreme 202 is the larger of two shelf speakers in the series. It has been constructed according to the 2-way bass reflex principle and delivers a high level of dynamics in the bass segment and good precision over the entire frequency range.

Shelf speaker, 2-way bass reflex

The housing of the large shelf speaker has been manufactured from solid MDF panels and is particularly resistant to unwanted intrinsic resonance. As is the case for all models in the series, the baffle of the Monitor Supreme 202 has been visually offset and is a feature that defines the design of this compact speaker.

The speaker is available in two high quality wood finishes and is equipped with a 170 mm bass-midrange driver with a specially coated paper cone in a bass reflex housing, which offers a high level of dynamics in the bass segment and excellent connection to the tweeter. The new 25 mm fabric dome with its newly designed flange delivers enhanced and extremely precise dispersion properties.

Technical specifications

  • 2-cestný bass reflex
Únosnosť (RMS/Max.)
  • 100 / 200 W
Citlivosť (2.8V/1m)
  • 91 dB
  • 4 – 8 Ohm
Frekvenčný rozsah
  • 34 - 40000 Hz
Odporúčaný výstup zosilňovača
  • 30 - 200 W
Rozmery (ŠxVxH)
  • 215 x 354 x 273 mm


  • 2-cestný bass reflex
Basový/stredový reproduktor
  • Stredobasový menič s nízkym skreslením, potiahnutý celulózny kónus a inverzná kupola
  • Odnímateľná látková mriežka
Výškový menič
  • Výškový menič s 1" ultra-ľahkou kupolou Mylar a novou prednou platňou pre presnú reprodukciu
Telo reproduktoru
  • Vysoko kvalitný drevený dekor, čierna ozvučnica
  • Pevný nízko rezonančný MDF kabinet so zaoblenými hranami na prednej a zadnej strane
Povrch kabinetu
  • Mocca dekor
  • Dekor čierny jaseň


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(0) 18.2.2022

Powerful speakers with notable bass response

Speakers are quiet powerful, can give a nice shake. The bass is notable and goes quiet deep, considering the woofer/midrange loudspeaker’s size. Design is good as well. Overall, in my opinion, it is the best price/quality ratio product in the range.

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