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Signature 1100

High-end stereo loudspeaker in the "Signature" reference class

High-end stereo loudspeaker in the "Signature" reference class

Reference quality and uncompromising hi-fi: The new Signature 1100 range from Magnat gets audiophile hearts beating faster. Handpicked components, unique Magnat technologies as well as a meticulous, elaborate development process guarantee unrivalled quality in the loudspeakers of the new "Signature" reference class. The 1100 range redefines the term "high end" by exhausting all of these virtues to the limit and, in doing so, creating an unforgettable sound experience.

Top-class subwoofer and woofer

Only the best Magnat subwoofers and woofers are used in the Signature 1100 range. Thanks to the special ceramic-aluminium sandwich material mix, the membranes combine optimum internal damping and maximum rigidity. In addition, the "Controlled Flexing Cone" membrane geometry is also applied here: This controls the emission of bending waves in the upper mid-tone range. Generously ventilated aluminium die-cast baskets avoid compression effects and air turbulences. Used for the drive are distortion-optimized magnet systems with inductivity control rings and stray field optimization. The result of this exquisite collection of top technology: Reproduction of music and other audio content that meets even the very highest hi-fi demands.

Hi-Res Audio thanks to super-tweeters

Used in the treble range of the Signature 1100 range are two harmonized fmax Signature tweeters together. This newly developed tweeter module is made up of a 30 mm dome tweeter with coupling volume, long-excursion drive and wide surround for particularly low coupling to the mid-tone range, as well as an additional 20 mm super-tweeter. The latter provides for harmonious omnidirectional sound distribution and treble reproduction up to 55,000 Hz! This means that the Signature 1100 speakers meet the strict requirements for High-Res audio certification. This quality label guarantees a huge frequency range for the playback of audio tracks and, with it, an even more complete, highly precise and fine soundscape.

Highest quality components meticulously arranged

All the components of the Signature 1100 loudspeakers have been carefully selected, arranged and tuned in a time-consuming process. The chassis alone have undergone numerous measurements, always with the help of the laser-assisted Klippel measuring system in order to achieve absolute perfection. The Magnat development engineers have taken the same care to devote themselves to each individual component so as to find the optimum combination. The crossover relies on Magnat´s finely tuned, phase and amplitude optimized APOC topology with audiophile coils and PP capacitors. The high-quality internal wiring and the large connection panel with sturdy and encapsulated terminals guarantee reliable contact for large gauge high-quality cables. An option for bi-wiring/bi-amping is also provided. Cable bridges are pre-installed for single-amping operation.

Most stylish design in black or white

The enclosure of the Signature 1100 loudspeakers also meets the highest demands - both visually and acoustically: The sturdily constructed and multiple braced MDF body is absolutely resonance-free, assisting the reproduction qualities of the chassis. With their timeless silk-matt lacquer finish, the stylish loudspeakers enrich any surroundings, with their outstanding qualities immediately noticeable, also visually. This impression is underlined by the aluminium cover plate with its brushed surface and the milled-in model name. A removable front grille with invisible magnetic fastening, the solid aluminium foot supports and the height adjustable solid metal spikes emphasize the extraordinary, high quality standards of these loudpeakers.

The Magnat 1100 range was specially developed for audiophile hi-fi fans with the very highest demands. The elaborate development and coordination, the carefully selected components, unique Magnat technologies as well as the Hi-Res Audio certification ensure an incomparable sound experience.

Technical specifications


Vlastnosti reproduktorov
  • Magnat basový menič so zvýšenou dynamikou a zlepšenou účinnosťou
  • Robustný keramický/hliníkový kónus s excelentnými tlmiacimi vlastnosťami
  • Bass-reflex port optimalizovaný pre tok
  • Pre samostatné ovládanie výšok a basov
  • Výhybka s optimalizáciou amplitúdy a fázy
  • Špeciálna konštrukcia kónusu pre zlepšené vlastnosti rozptylu
  • Potiahnutá tkaná kupola pre zlepšený dynamický rozsah
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • Optimalizované laserovým asistenčným systémom merania Klippel