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MR 780

High-end stereo music system with CD player and valve receiver

High-end stereo music system with CD player and valve receiver

The high-quality Magnat M 700 stereo system is made up of two high-end modules. Each of the components provides outstanding quality in itself and, together, the two perfectly matched elements produce an acoustic performance that is simply unbeatable: The MCD 750 CD player and the MR 780 hybrid valve receiver form an exceptional unit that will elicit the best possible sound from practically any pair of loudspeakers.

Precision and care for perfect results

The Magnat MCD 750 CD player is tuned to maximum precision in every respect. Both the mechanical construction and the electronic circuit design meet the highest quality standards. The CD drive has an extremely precise and very quiet loading mechanism and a CD controller unit from Toshiba. The conversion of the digital CD data into analogue sound is taken care of by a high-quality low-noise D/A converter from Wolfson. Added to this is a high-quality filter and output stage comprising particularly low-noise operational amplifiers. Alternatively, the signal is available at two digital outputs for external signal processing, offering maximum flexibility.

A broad range of features fro maximum convenience

Its other features also exemplify the high-end aspirations of the MCD 750: In addition to audio CD´s, it plays back MP3 and WMA in optimum quality, also supporting CD text and ID3 tags. All the details of the current status or titles played back can be read on the two-line clear text display at all times, with the brightness adjustable at three levels. It also goes without saying that the MCD 750 provides all the convenient functions customers would expect of a product of this class: The repeat function, shuffle, track programming and all other commands are transmitted conveniently via the high-quality system remote control. The full-metal enclosure with its solid, brushed aluminium front panel displays an unobtrusive, stylish design.

Hybrid receiver with tube pre-amp and transistor output stage

The MR 780 stereo receiver follows the unique Magnat hybrid concept: Operating in the pre-amp stage are two selected, burnt-in ECC 81 valves, which provide the entire system with the warm, audiophile sounds so acclaimed among hi-fi fans. The powerful, discretely designed transistor output stage produces 100 watts of RMS power per channel at 4 ohms. Here, too, the voltages for all the individual circuits have been elaborately stabilized. In this way, the MR 780 combines perfect sound and maximum power for an optimum overall result and first-class hi-fi sound.

Huge range of connectivity options including Bluetooth aptX

In addition to high-quality amplification, the MR 780 also offers a great deal of convenience and flexibility: Signals are received by the stereo receiver via 5 high-level inputs or 2 optical and 2 coaxial digital inputs. There is also a 3.5 mm jack input available at the front for mobile devices. Even more convenient is the direct wireless connection via Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX. The broad range of connection options on the MR 780 is rounded off by a particularly high-quality phono pre-amp stage for MM systems as well as a USB audio 2.0 input. The conversion of all digital signals up to 24 bits / 192 kHz is taken care of by a high-end D/A converter from Wolfson. The integrated DAB/DAB+ digital tuner as well as the FM receiver with RDS and radio text extend what is already a a broad range of functions even further. Users can find all the important information at all times on a large, two-line display on the front of the receiver. The MR 780 provides all this in the stylish solid-metal enclosure perfectly matched to the MCD 750 with a brushed aluminium front panel.

With the M 700, we offer a stereo system that leaves nothing more to be desired: Stylish design, precise CD playback and data conversion as well as substantial power reserves make this set one of the best systems in this price category. Perfectly matched both visually and acoustically, the MCD 750/MR 780 duo makes an extremely harmonious combination.

Technical specifications


Ponukový rad Elektronika
  • Elektrónka predzosilňovača s nízkym šumom
  • Diskrétne nakonfigurovaný zosilňovač
  • Phono predzosilňovač s MM vstupom
  • Pevné hliníkové ovládacie prvky
  • Pevný hliníkový predný panel
  • Vysoko kvalitná CD mechanika
  • Burr-Brown digitálno-analógový konvertor