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Omega CS 12

Active subwoofer with a 12 inch cone and a 525/1100 watt amplifier

  • Remote control for level adjustment
  • 12 inch (30 cm) chassis consisting of a hardened and specially coated dual cone
  • Class-D amplifier with 525/1100 watts of continuous/peak power
  • DSP for extensive adaptation to existing speakers and a room´s acoustics
  • Solid MDF housing in a black high-gloss finish

Active subwoofer with a 12 inch cone and a 525/1100 watt amplifier

Thanks to a cone construction that has been specifically developed for the deep bass range and an extremely powerful amplifier, the Magnat Omega CS 12 active subwoofer is the perfect addition to any hi-fi or home cinema system.

Everything for the bass

The specially hardened and coated material has been constructed in a dual cone configuration measuring an impressive 30 cm in diameter. The drive is provided by a 70 mm high-performance coil and a 170 mm ferrite magnet. Together with the bonded and additionally stitched longthrow surround, the overall result is a sub that has been optimized using Klippel laser technology and can optimally reproduce frequencies between 18 and 200 Hz.

Up to 1100 watts of brute power

The integrated Class-D power amplifier delivers a brutal 525 watts in continuous operation and up to 1100 watts of peak power. The high-speed DSP also linearizes the frequency response and enables continuous adjustment of the crossover frequency, the phase and the adjustable bass extension at 35 Hz. This means all of the prerequisites are in place for harmonious integration of the Omega CS 12 into a hi-fi or home cinema system.

Timeless, compact, solid

It couldn´t be much more compact: The developers have constructed an ultra-solid MDF housing that is hardly any larger than the 12 inch chassis. The enclosed construction radiates sound towards the front of the unit and thus minimizes room interference. In its high-gloss black finish, the Omega CS 12 is discreet yet elegant at the same time, immaterial whether it´s located in a prominent position or set up discreetly in the background.

Regardless of whether you have audiophile shelf speakers, floorstanding speakers or a home cinema solution - one or more active subwoofers such as the CS 12 are always a welcome addition. They relieve existing speakers of their duties in the deep bass range and inspire them to achieve acoustic feats.

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Technical specifications

  • Active closed subwoofer, ‘frontfire’
  • 300 mm Woofer
Výstupný výkon (RMS/Max.)
  • 525 / 1100 watts
Frekvenčný rozsah
  • 18 - 200 Hz
Frekvencie výhybky
  • Nastaviteľné od 50 do 150 Hz
  • 0° - 180° nastaviteľné
Rozmery (ŠxVxH)
  • Cabinet: 385 x 400 x 450 mm
  • Cabinet dimensions incl. amplifier: 385 x 400 x 465 mm
  • 24 kg
Povrch kabinetu
  • Klavírna čierna


  • Active closed subwoofer, ‘frontfire’
  • Innovative extended surface dampers (ESDs) for enhanced stability
  • Remote control for volume adjustment and a large display to indicate the current setting
  • High-speed digital sound processor (DSP) for frequency response linearization and control of the limiter control circuit
  • Various setting options including adjustable bass extension for perfect combination with home cinema speakers
  • High-performance active subwoofer with 30 cm long-throw woofer and extra-large diaphragm mount
  • High-power Class-D amplifier unit with up to 1100 watts of peak power
  • Enclosed housing construction for a deep and precise bass response
  • Stereo low level inputs (RCA connections)
  • Mains connection
Telo reproduktoru
  • Very sturdy, low-resonance MDF housing
  • Elegant high-gloss black finish
  • Bass speaker in a ‚front-firing‘ configuration
  • Enclosed housing construction for a deep and precise bass response
  • Large „Extended Surface Dampers“ (ESDs) for enhanced stability
Povrch kabinetu
  • Klavírna čierna



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Der Bass ist überragend und sehr präzise, keine Verzerrung, nur die mitgelieferte Fernbedienung wirkt etwas billig, da sie kaum was wiegt. Der Subwoofer wirkt sehr edel und hochwertig.

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Spektakulär Verarbeitet, super Haptik, extrem präzise. Auch für kleine Räume geeignet da kein Dröhnen.

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