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Signature 1105

High-end 3.5-way bass reflex loudspeaker from the "Signature" reference series

  • Compact floor-standing loudspeaker in Magnat´s new "Signature" reference class
  • Klippel-optimised high-tech 3.5-way system with the highest sound precision Klippel
  • High efficiency and very full-range reproduction in a very living-room-friendly format
  • HiHi-Res AUDIO certification thanks to super-tweeter with reproduction up to 55 kHz
  • Highly modern design with silk matt lacquer and aluminium applications

High-end 3.5-way bass reflex loudspeaker from the "Signature" reference series

The Magnat Signature 1105 presents absolute top-quality hi-fi in a living room-friendly format. With a height of just over one meter, its produces an absolutely convincing soundscape. This is made possible by the careful selection of materials and components, an elaborate development process as well as unique Magnat technologies: In addition to the legendary ceramic-aluminium sandwich membrane, the newly developed fmax Signature tweeter module is also used in the Signature 1105: Two extremely high-quality tweeters perform together here to achieve reproduction up to 55 kHz. This also enables the Signature 1105 to secure the much sought-after Hi-Res Audio distinction, which stands for absolute top-class audio reproduction.

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Super-tweeter combined with ceramic-aluminium cone

The driver components with 200 mm subwoofers and a 170 mm tweeter provide for very good three-dimensionality with outstanding precision at the same time. Thanks to the special tweeter module consisting of two fmax Signature tweeters, the Signature 1109 operates right up to the super-treble range of 55 kHz, thus also securing the highly sought-after Hi-Res Audio certification.

Uncompromising hi-fi sound

Solid aluminium foot traverses as well as the height-adjustable all-metal spikes underline the exceptionally high quality standards of these loudspeakers.

Perfectly matched drivers

The drivers and other components of the Signature 1100 range were carefully selected, arranged and tuned in a prolonged process. The chassis alone have undergone numerous measurements, always with the help of the laser-assisted Klippel measuring system, in order to achieve absolute perfection.

Uncompromising hi-fi sound

Solid aluminium foot traverses as well as the height-adjustable all-metal spikes underline the exceptionally high quality standards of these loudspeakers.

Technical specifications

  • Floorstanding Speaker, 3.5 way, double bass, bass reflex
  • 0.75" super-tweeter
  • 170 mm stredobasový menič
  • 30 mm výškový menič
  • 1 x 170 mm basový menič
Únosnosť (RMS/Max.)
  • 200 / 350 W
Citlivosť (2.8V/1m)
  • 93 dB
  • 4 – 8 Ohm
Frekvenčný rozsah
  • 22 – 55000 Hz
Frekvencie výhybky
  • 290 Hz/2.300 Hz/18500 Hz
Odporúčaný výstup zosilňovača
  • > 30 Watt
Rozmery (ŠxVxH)
  • Enclosure: 225 x 1050 x 350 mm
  • Enclosure incl. Spikes: 315 x 1080 x 350 mm
  • 27,8 kg


Tweeter & Super-Tweeter
  • Special sound guides in the solid aluminium front panel for optimum dispersion characteristics
  • Powerful neodymium ring magnet systems for excellent dynamics
  • Newly developed high-res tweeter module with two fmax Signature dome tweeters
  • Additional 20 mm super dome tweeter for ideal omnidirectional sound distribution and extended reproduction up to 55 kHz
  • 30 mm dome tweeter with coupling volume, long-excursion drive and particularly wide surround for especially deep mid-tone coupling
Basový/stredový reproduktor
  • Sofistikovaná ventilácia kmitacej cievky pre zvlášť vysoký stupeň odolnosti
  • „Controlled Flexing Cone“: Kužeľová geometria membrány pre riadené rozptýlenie ohybu vĺn v strednom pásme so schopnosťou reprodukcie väčšej šírky pásma
  • Solid aluminium grille rings with 8 screw fixings
  • Non-conductive voice coils to minimise eddy current loss
  • Ceramic-aluminium sandwich membranes with high rigidity and optimum internal damping, optimised by inverse dust caps
  • Distortion-optimised magnet systems with double induction rings and stray field optimisation
  • Bi-wiring/bi-amping option, pre-installed cable bridges for single wiring
  • Elaborate phase and amplitude-optimised APOC crossover with audiophile coils and PP capacitors
  • Veľký pripojovací panel s robustnými a zapuzdrenými svorkami pre spoľahlivý kontakt aj s vysoko kvalitnými káblami s veľkými prierezmi
  • Vysoko kvalitné vnútorné káblovanie
Telo reproduktoru
  • Aluminium cover plate with brushed surface and milled-in model name
  • Two Magnat Airflex ports with large openings ensure an optimum bass response without ambient noise
  • Two solid aliminium base transoms with matt surface
  • Height-adjustable, counter-locked solid metal spikes with replaceable tips for optimum stability on all floors
  • Decoupling silicone feet and metal spikes included
  • Very sturdily constructed, multi-braced MDF enclosure in a timeless-modern design
  • Removable fabric protection grille with optimum sound transmission and invisible magnet attachment
  • Skriňa v komplikovanom hodvábnom matnom laku alebo prírodnej drevenej dyhe
Povrch kabinetu
  • White satin
  • Čierny satén