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Shadow 102 ATM

Closed 2-way speaker for Dolby® Atmos overhead channels

  • Home cinema add-on loudspeaker with Dolby® Atmos certification
  • Expanding your home cinema system by the third sound dimension for an enveloping surround experience
  • The Shadow 102 ATM can be combined with a large number of home cinema speakers
  • Loudspeaker system licensed in accordance with the stringent Dolby® Atmos guidelines
  • Coaxial driver specially developed according to the Atmos guidelines

Closed 2-way speaker for Dolby® Atmos overhead channels

If you want home cinema enjoyment with cutting edge technology, look no further than the Shadow series: The optional Shadow 102 ATM add-on speakers are simply placed on the front speakers when required, and they then reproduce the impressive Atmos sound by using ceiling reflections and a corresponding receiver: Music, vocals and sound effects now no longer appear as if they are around the listener, but directly above their head. This guarantees an even more enthralling and absorbing home cinema experience.

Technical specifications

  • 2 way, sealed
  • 1 x 5,25" coaxial speaker
Únosnosť (RMS/Max.)
  • 50 / 100 W
Citlivosť (2.8V/1m)
  • 88 dB
  • 6 Ohm
Frekvenčný rozsah
  • 50 – 38.000 Hz
Frekvencie výhybky
  • 3.300 Hz
  • 3.300 Hz
Odporúčaný výstup zosilňovača
  • 20 - 100 W
Rozmery (ŠxVxH)
  • 190 x 162 x 275mm
  • 3 kg


  • Veľký panel pripojenia s veľkoryso dimenzovanými skrutkovými terminálmi a pozlátenými kontaktmi
  • Phase- and amplitude-optimized crossover
Telo reproduktoru
  • Solid and attractive enclosure in console form with baffle and front in gloss lacquer finish
  • Rubber feet
  • Odnímateľná látková mriežka
Povrch kabinetu
  • Piano white, white decor
  • Klavírna čierna / dekor čierny jaseň


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