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Signature ICT 62

  • High-end chassis technology with ceramic/aluminum bass-midrange drivers and a coated fabric dome
  • High load capacity with compact dimensions
  • Uncomplicated installation thanks to a sophisticated mounting system
  • Tonal structure perfectly coordinated with the Signature series, therefore can be individually combined
  • Angled alignment to the listening position
The round ICT 62 in-ceiling speaker completes the product range. It combines a 160 mm woofer with a 25 mm tweeter dome, and its angled design allows perfect alignment to the listening position, meaning that even if a mounting position is only available in the ceiling, an appealing, spatial representation is still produced. In addition, the ICT 62 is also perfectly suited for use with Dolby Atmos configurations in a direct sound mode. Thanks to the acoustic coordination that is compatible with the rest of the Signature series, all imaginable setups and configurations can be realized. With an outer diameter of 238 mm and an installation depth of 130 mm, it is extremely compact despite its high performance.

Technical specifications

  • двухполосная акустическая система для монтажа в потолок или стены
  • 160 мм НЧ-СЧ динамик
  • 25-мм ВЧ-динамика с купольной диафрагмой
Мощность (RMS/макс.)
  • 110 / 180 Ватт
Чувствительность (2.8V/1m)
  • 91 дБ
Частотный диапазон
  • 32 – 28000 Гц
Частота фильтров кроссовера
  • 3.100 Гц
Рекомендованная мощность усилителя
  • 20 - 180 Ватт
Внешние размеры Ø
  • 238 мм
Монтажные размеры (Ø)
  • 206 мм
Монтажная глубина
  • 130 мм


  • двухполосная акустическая система для монтажа в потолок или стены
Основные характеристики
  • Klippel®-optimized speaker drivers for high efficiency and maximum level
  • Gold-plated push terminals for cables with cross-sections of up to 6 mm²
  • Large high-end fabric dome with protective diffusor for excellent dynamics and harmonic coupling to the woofer-midrange
  • Woofer-midrange with powerful drive system and 3-layer aluminium/ceramic sandwich cone for deep bass reproduction and highest sound precision
  • Durable long-throw rubber surrounds for linear operation of the woofer-midrange drivers to handle even large cone excursions
  • Woofer-midranges with magnet protection cover to prevent any damage and undesirable background noise
  • Removable magnetic metal grill with fine perforations and very slim design for an elegant appearance
  • Elaborate phase-optimized crossover with 3 settings for the tweeter level
Покрытие корпуса
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