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Signature 505

Slim floor-standing model with 3.5-way components

  • Hi-Res certified dual tweeter module with two fmax domes
  • 3.5-way speaker with bass reflex technology
  • Klippel-optimized bass-midrange unit and woofer
  • Ventilated voice-coil unit for maximum resilience and dynamics
  • Spikes for secure positioning and acoustic decoupling

Slim floor-standing model with 3.5-way components

The Signature 505 is the more compact of the two floor-standing speakers, but still fully grown at a height of 930 mm. It is equipped with the Hi-Res certified dual tweeter module with two fmax domes and also features a 170 mm bass-midrange unit as well a further 170 mm woofer. The front panel with its integrated wave guides also optimizes the dispersion characteristics. The spikes supplied with the package not only ensure secure positioning of the Signature 505, they can also be used for acoustic decoupling. As a stereo speaker, it cuts an equally outstanding figure in terms of sound as it does in its role as a front channel in a home cinema system.

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Technical specifications

  • Напольная 3,5-полосная акустическая система с двумя НЧ-динамиками и фазоинвертором
  • 170 мм НЧ-СЧ динамик
  • 1 x 170 мм басовый динамик
  • 0,.75"ВЧ-динамик «супертвитер»
  • 1.2" dome-tweeter
  • 4 - 8 Ω
Чувствительность (2.8V/1m)
  • 92 дБ


  • Прочные опоры для устойчивости
  • Съемная тканевая защита
  • в комплект входят антирезонансные резиновые ножки и металлические шипы
  • Прочная низкорезонансная конструкция корпуса из МДФ