Sounds amazing: Magnat to show numerous new products at IFA 2017

High end as far as the eye can see: Magnat presents numerous new products at its IFA booth 210 in hall 1.2 this year. From hybrid stereo amplifier RV 4 to versatile bookshelf speaker MULTI MONITOR 220 and from CD player / receiver combination M700 to the outstanding new Signature 1100 series speakers. At the heart of this trade show presence is the duet of RV 4 and Signature 1109 to showcase the incredible sound of modern hifi. Fans, audiophiles and all those who appreciate good sound should definitely come and visit Magnat at IFA.

Tech enthusiasts can hardly wait, and soon the time has come: IFA will open its doors to visitors from all around the world. At the booth of German speaker and electronics manufacturer Magnat (hall 1.2, booth 210), hifi fans can marvel at multiple new products – from high-end stereo amplifier RV 4 to the new Signature 1100 series.

Valve sound and solid state performance: hybrid stereo amplifier RV 4
The RV 4 perpetuates the success story of Magnat hybrid amplifiers: The preamp stage employs high-quality valves to generate that warm, audiophile sound signature. The power amplifier is driven by solid state technology with a massive total power of 500 Watts (impulse). Bluetooth aptX, various digital and analogue inputs including phono in and main in complement the RV 4’s comprehensive set of features.

Combines hifi, streaming and vinyl: bookshelf speaker MULTI MONITOR 220
The compactness of up-to-date hifi: MULTI MONITOR 220 is a classic bookshelf speaker, yet tuned to high audiophile demands. The fully active stereo set sports high-quality drivers and special fmax tweeters driven by a class d power amplifier. In addition to Bluetooth aptX and other analogue and digital inputs, the range of connections encompasses an MM phono input for direct connection to a record player.

Distinct handwriting: Signature 1100 series
These speakers just oozes high end from every single pore: Magnat presents the new Signature 1100 series at IFA 2017. Stereo floor standing speakers Signature 1105 and 1109 offer 3.5 or even 4 ways. The new Signature speakers feature a special highlight in the treble range: In addition to the already powerful and precise 30 mm fmax tweeter, they employ a 20 mm super high frequency dome to enhance sonic reproduction up to 55 kHz. This secures the new Signature speakers the coveted hi res audio certificate.

Top of the range CD player and amplifier: The new M700 series
The combination of high-end CD player MCD 750 and its perfect fit receiver counterpart MR 780 shows its muscles at IFA – with 180 Watts impulse power impeccably driving the high-quality CD player’s data. The Wolfson D/A converter in the MCD 750 ensures that no quality loss occurs during data conversion. The MR 780’s digital section also employs a high-quality Wolfson D/A converter. The CD player’s and stereo receiver’s power, parts and design are tuned to perfectly match – but of course both components will also perform flawlessly when combined with other players or amplifiers.

Outstanding sound and sophisticated appearance: Magnat Humidor
Magnat Humidor makes high end available in compact form: Due to its high-quality ceramic-aluminium-sandwich membrane it provides exceptional sonic performance usually attributed to much larger speakers. The tweeter employs a high-quality silk dome. Humidor even stands out visually: Its two-coloured real wood veneer made from cedar in combination with matching champagne coloured metal elements result in a unique look.

Upgrade to Dolby Atmos in an instant: Shadow 102 ATM
New Shadow 102 ATM speakers offer an ingeniously easy way to expand an existing home cinema system and make it compatible with the immersive 3D audio format Dolby Atmos: The additional speakers are placed on top the existing surround speakers to generate the impressive sound of Atmos by means of ceiling reflexions. This makes for an easy upgrade of your home cinema.

Maximum home cinema sound with a small footprint: high-end soundbar CSB 1000
The CSB 1000 soundbar satisfies your every wish both acoustically and with regards to convenience: The set comprised of soundbar and subwoofer provides 360 Watts total pulse power. The subwoofer is wirelessly connected to the soundbar so it can be placed anywhere in the room. The set also sports a large variety of connections including HDMI inputs and outputs, other digital and analogue inputs and both WiFi and Bluetooth aptX for comfortable audio streaming.

Magnat is looking forward to welcoming numerous visitors during IFA in Berlin at booth 210 in hall 1.2.

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