The Bulldog 7 is the go-anywhere speaker

Admittedly, 35 kilos needs to be moved first. However, we have provided the Bulldog 7 with four sturdy transport casters. Two of them can be locked with a parking brake. This makes it easy to get the speaker out of the boot and move it to any conceivable location, where it will then not move from the spot any more. Support for sports teams? Check. Serious PA for the school party? Check. The right sound for your band? Naturally. Party on the beach? Okay, you have to lend a hand over the last few meters. But it also handles lectures, training courses and other events with flying colors and, thanks to the integrated DJ

mixer, with all conceivable sources, such as microphones, instruments or even a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. And you can also mix the sources together, of course. The Bulldog 7 is simply the perfect mobile event sound system. And that brings us to the 3-channel mixer with crossfader. A microphone or instrument can be connected to channel 1. Channel 2 can also be used for instruments or as line-in - even in stereo. And channel 3 offers the option of docking everything from smartphones to any other source via Bluetooth 5.0 or the Aux input directly on the mixer. The crossfader allows a quick change between channel 3 and the other inputs. For example, a microphone and music can be cross-faded intuitively. The level of all channels can be controlled individually. An overload indicator helps to find the perfect level. And tone controls for bass and treble offer the possibility of acoustic fine-tuning. To control the individual channels, you can also "preview" them with headphones so that the next song doesn’t turn out to be an unpleasant surprise for everyone. It is then not only possible to vary the level of the output signal with the convenient control; the sound can also be adjusted using the 3-band equalizer - all depending on the area to be covered.

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