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Monitor Active 2000

Active, compact, flexible and powerful

Active, compact, flexible and powerful

Active speakers are not only a universal problem solver, but they are also a technical stroke of genius. Music can be played from almost any source without additional electronic equipment, which reduces tedious cabling requirements and simplifies operation. For the developers, the integration of chassis and amplifiers means they can be optimally coordinated with one another. An optimal tonal performance is the end result, a trait which is naturally also exhibited by the latest compact addition to Magnat´s portfolio, namely the Monitor Active 2000.

All inclusive

An active speaker system can be used in many different ways, whether it´s as a fully-fledged shelf speaker for hi-fi setups or as a monitor speaker for the desk. Such a system should also be flexible when it comes to inputs - and that´s exactly what the Monitor Active 2000 is. It can be controlled extremely easily from any smartphone, tablet or computer thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. A digital input with optical and coaxial connections supports the playback of high-res music files in formats up to 24 bit and 192 kHz. And 3.5 mm / RCA analog inputs provide connection options for all other sources. The RCA input can also be used by a switchable phono preamplifier, thereby enabling turntables with an MM system to be connected directly to the Monitor Active 2000. The variety of inputs and the volume can be easily controlled via the supplied remote control. What´s more, all of the functions can also be operated via the controls that are located at the rear of the right-hand speaker.

Compact and powerful

So much high-tech doesn´t necessarily have to take up a lot of space. Measuring just 175 x 290 mm tall and 205 mm deep, the Active 2000 cuts a slim figure on a shelf, on a sideboard or next to a monitor. The sturdy MDF housing in its elegant black wood decor, however, offers more than enough space for a resilient two-way system. The right-hand speaker contains all of the electronic components and therefore all of the connections, while the left-hand speaker is simply connected via a speaker cable. This provides you with freedom when setting up the system. Weighing in at 4.4 and 3.8 kilos, the two Active 2000 speakers are by no means lightweight, but they are still very manageable.

Perfectly coordinated performance

A 25 mm tweeter dome and a 125 mm bass-midrange driver are combined in each speaker. The dome is driven by a powerful ferrite magnet and features an optimized sound guide. The bass-midrange driver is equipped with a coated paper cone, as well as a powerful and distortion-optimized magnetic drive. The right-hand speaker also contains the two 35 watt power amplifiers and all of the preamplifier electronics.

The complete package consisting of electronics and speaker technology produces an impressive sound and it eclipses many other systems in terms of flexibility

Technical specifications