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Signature Sub 730A

Powerful in an elegant outfit

  • High-performance Class D 220/440 watt power amplifier
  • 300 mm subwoofer, Klippel-optimized
  • Active frequency response equalization in the electronics
  • Adjustable volume and crossover frequency
  • Optimum addition for hi-fi and home cinema configurations

Powerful in an elegant outfit

The active subwoofer in the Signature 700 series is far too good to be hidden away, because it too features a high-gloss black or white front panel and a satin cabinet in the same color. Even more interesting is the technology inside, as the 300 mm woofer radiates downwards in a "down-firing" configuration. The long-throw chassis has been optimized by using Klippel laser measurement technology. A highly efficient Class D power amplifier drives the subwoofer with 190 or 380 watts of continuous/music power respectively. The Signature Sub 730 A can reproduce powerful sounds down to 19 Hz, and the volume and crossover frequency can be precisely coordinated to suit the acoustics of the room and the main speakers used

Technical specifications

  • Subwoofer bassreflex activo, Downfire
  • Woofer de 300 mm
Potencia de salida RMS/Máx.
  • 190 / 380 Watts
Gama de frecuencias
  • 19- 200 Hz
  • 19 – 200 Hz
Frecuencia de separación
  • 40 – 120 Hz adjustable
  • 40 - 120 Hz adjustable
  • 0° - 180° regulable


  • Subwoofer bassreflex activo, Downfire
Generales particularidades
  • Ventilated high-performance voice coil to guarantee highest operational reliability
  • La membrana de papel revestida garantiza una reproducción rica en graves
  • Solid metal basket with generous ventilation openings
  • Klippel® optimised construction
  • Entradas estéreo de bajo nivel
  • Alimentación de red
  • Downfire
  • High-gloss lacquered baffle combined with noble satin matte lacquer (body)
  • Large resonance absorbing feet
  • Very solidly constructed housing made of MDF panels
  • Two generously dimensioned Airflex ports with rounded reflex opening to reduce flow noise
  • Volumen y frecuencia de transmisión regulables
  • Amplificador de clase D de alto rendimiento
  • Tensión de red: 110 – 240V
  • Paso a Standby automático con bajo consumo de energía <0,5 vatios (desconectable
  • Interruptor de corriente
  • Phase adjustable from 0° to 180°
  • Active frequency response equalization up to 120 Hz (LPC circuit) for seamless integration in AV environments