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Signature 703

High-end 3-way shelf speaker

  • Hi-Res certified dual tweeter module with two fmax domes
  • 3-way speaker with bass reflex technology
  • Bass-midrange driver with ceramic/aluminum cone
  • Finish: White or black with a high-gloss baffle and satin cabinet

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Magnat Signature 703, Regallautsprecher, Kompaktlautsprecher, Passiv-Lautsprecherbox, Lautsprecher f
Magnat Omega CS 12, leistungsstarker Aktiv-Subwoofer für tiefe und präzise Bässe
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High-End 3-Wege Regallautsprecher
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<h2>Aktiv-Subwoofer mit 12-Zoll (30cm) großer Membran und Verstärker mit 1.100 Watt</h2>
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High-end 3-way shelf speaker

The 703 is a compact entry level speaker for the Signature 700 series. It shares the slender 21 cm wide front panel with its larger sibling, otherwise it offers everything that could delight a high-end fan on a base that covers an A4 sheet. The Hi-Res dual tweeter module with its fmax domes guarantees an authentic music reproduction up to the highest frequencies. At the other end of the frequency scale, a 170 mm bass-midrange driver ensures music is reproduced down to 31 Hz. Available in a black or white finish, the Signature 703 is perfectly suited to any interior.

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Technical specifications

  • Bassreflex de 3 vías
  • Súper altavoz de agudos de 20 mm
  • 170 mm altavoz de graves/medios
  • 1.2" dome-tweeter
Resistencia (RMS/Max.)
  • 110/180 Watt
Rendimiento (1 vatio/1 m)
  • 91 dB
  • 4 – 8 Ohm
Gama de frecuencias
  • 31 - 54000 Hz
Frecuencia de separación
  • 2700 Hz/17000 Hz
Potencia recomendada del amplificador
  • > 20 Watt
Dimensiones (an x al x pr)
  • Cabinet: 210 x 372 x 305 mm
  • Cabinet: 210 x 372 x 305 mm
  • 7.7 kg


Tweeter & Super-Tweeter
  • Front panel secured by six screws, special sound guides for optimum dispersion properties
  • Newly developed high-res tweeter module with two fmax dome tweeters 1.2″ dome tweeter with extra-thick surround for low frequency coupling to the midrange Additional 0.75″ super dome tweeter for ideal omnidirectional sound distribution and extended reproduction up to 50 kHz
  • Powerful neodymium ring magnet systems for best dynamics
Altavoz de bajos/medios
  • Generously vented die-cast aluminium baskets to prevent turbulence and compression effects
  • Ceramic-aluminium sandwich membranes with high rigidity and optimum internal damping, optimised by inverse dust caps
  • Sophisticated voice coil ventilation for a particularly high degree of resilience
  • Diseño general optimizado mediante Klippel®
  • Crossover optimizado para amplitud y fase con filtros acústicos de 24 dB y componentes de alta calidad
  • Amplia zona de conexión de bi-cableado con terminales de tornillo de grandes dimensiones y contactos chapados en oro
  • Very sturdily constructed, multi-braced MDF enclosure in a timeless-modern design
  • Two-Airflex ports with rounded reflex opening for reducing wind noises
  • Cubierta protectora de tejido desmontable con óptima transmisividad de sonido y cierres magnéticos ocultos
  • High-gloss lacquered baffle combined with noble satin matte lacquer (body)
  • Decoupling silicone feet included
  • Front: Piano White / Cabinet: white satin
  • Front: Piano black / Cabinet: black satin


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