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Bulldog 7

Magnat Bulldog 7 - The party is where you are

  • Active Bluetooth event loudspeaker with mains and battery operation
  • Class D amplifier with 260 watts RMS and 520 watts of maximum power output
  • Solid professional quality outdoor housing with integrated handles and transport casters
  • Extremely resilient chassis for powerful sound
  • Integrated mixer with 3 channels and tone control
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for easy connection to smartphones and tablets
  • Two Bulldog 7s can be connected to each other by cable
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Bulldog 7 + Ersatzakku
Magnat Bulldog 7, Aktives PA-Lautsprechersystem mit Akku, Leistungsstarke Kompakte All-In-One-Box,
Ersatzakku Bulldog 7
€1,069.00 * Instead of €1,118.00 *
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<h2>Magnat Bulldog 7 – Die Party ist da, wo du bist</h2>
- MAGNAT AUDIO-PRODUKTE GmbH -   €999.00 *
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Ersatzakku Bulldog 7
- MAGNAT AUDIO-PRODUKTE GmbH -   €119.00 *
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Bulldog + Ersatzakku + Ladegeräte im Set
Magnat Bulldog 7, Aktives PA-Lautsprechersystem mit Akku, Leistungsstarke Kompakte All-In-One-Box,
Ersatzakku Bulldog 7
Bulldog Battery Charger
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<h2>Magnat Bulldog 7 – Die Party ist da, wo du bist</h2>
- MAGNAT AUDIO-PRODUKTE GmbH -   €999.00 *
Die Lieferzeit beträgt 3-5 Werktage
Ersatzakku Bulldog 7
- MAGNAT AUDIO-PRODUKTE GmbH -   €119.00 *
Die Lieferzeit beträgt 3-5 Werktage
Bulldog Battery Charger
Die Lieferzeit beträgt 3-5 Werktage

Magnat Bulldog 7 - The party is where you are

It's a loudspeaker like no other: Active, powerful, network-independent and mobile. The Bulldog 7 turns every location into a party zone. On the beach, at a festival, in a holiday home or simply in your own home. With more than 120 dB and up to 20 hours of playing time away from the power outlet, the Bulldog 7 is a safe bet for a good mood and more than deserves our animal logo as its name. And hey, if you value understatement, simply say you’re bringing the ultimate Bluetooth speaker with you. We'd love to see the faces of the other party people.

The bulldog - our brand symbol

The bulldog has a long tradition in our company. It has been a distinguishing feature of many of our products since the 1990s, including car audio and speakers. With the mobile and active high-power speaker standing for enjoyment of music like hardly any other product, the character’s head is placed in the best possible position on the Bulldog 7.

The technology? Typical Magnat

Whether it's a party, concert or barbecue: “Rev it up” is the motto. The integrated 2-channel high-performance amplifier with efficient Class D technology ensures plenty of performance. With an impressive 260 watts of continuous output and more than 500 watts of peak output, it powers the compression horn driver as well as the two dynamic woofers. The latter measure 10 inches each, i.e. a good 25 cm, and deliver bass right down to 35 Hz. The tweeter horn operates easily up to 22 kHz with its 35 mm driver.

Your private festival

The efficient amplifier is also one of the main reasons for the long playing time. Even at full power, the 94 Wh battery allows you to deliver up to 5 hours of music, and even up to 20 hours at moderate levels. The replaceable battery can be charged in the Bulldog 7 when it is plugged into the power socket. With additional batteries, the party can happily go on until the early hours of the morning.
Incidentally, an empty battery can be fully recharged in a good 5 hours and, to ensure that the supply of music for your personal stage at the festival does not end unexpectedly, the charge level is shown by 6 LEDs. All ready to go? Then simply plug in the microphone or the guitar and your very private concert is guaranteed if there's nothing happening on the main stage.

The housing? A statement

If anything stands for resilience in everyday life, then it’s the housing of the Bulldog 7. We have finished the multi-braced MDF case with an impact-resistant textured paint, just like professional stage equipment. The loudspeaker does not scratch so quickly and moisture can hardly do any harm to it. So you don't have to keep a constant eye on your valuable equipment at parties. We have fitted sturdy protective profiles to all the edges so that they can withstand occasional bumps.
The four casters get the Bulldog 7 safely from A to B. And if you can't go any further, simply use the solid handles on each side. Our PA and party Bluetooth speaker can be easily transported anywhere by two people.

The Bulldog 7 is also well protected against attacks from the front: A solid all-metal protective grille protects the speakers from accidental encounters with dancers, pets, other equipment or even tomatoes and eggs. But let's hope that the latter is not an issue because of your musical skills or the music you play.

The Bulldog 7 is the go-anywhere speaker

Admittedly, 35 kilos needs to be moved first. However, we have provided the Bulldog 7 with four sturdy transport casters. Two of them can be locked with a parking brake. This makes it easy to get the speaker out of the boot and move it to any conceivable location, where it will then not move from the spot any more. Support for sports teams? Check. Serious PA for the school party? Check. The right sound for your band? Naturally. Party on the beach? Okay, you have to lend a hand over the last few meters.

But it also handles lectures, training courses and other events with flying colors and, thanks to the integrated DJ mixer, with all conceivable sources, such as microphones, instruments or even a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. And you can also mix the sources together, of course. The Bulldog 7 is simply the perfect mobile event sound system.

No party without a DJ

And that brings us to the 3-channel mixer with crossfader. A microphone or instrument can be connected to channel 1. Channel 2 can also be used for instruments or as line-in - even in stereo. And channel 3 offers the option of docking everything from smartphones to any other source via Bluetooth 5.0 or the Aux input directly on the mixer. The crossfader allows a quick change between channel 3 and the other inputs. For example, a microphone and music can be cross-faded intuitively. The level of all channels can be controlled individually. An overload indicator helps to find the perfect level. And tone controls for bass and treble offer the possibility of acoustic fine-tuning. To control the individual channels, you can also "preview" them with headphones so that the next song doesn’t turn out to be an unpleasant surprise for everyone. It is then not only possible to vary the level of the output signal with the convenient control; the sound can also be adjusted using the 3-band equalizer - all depending on the area to be covered.

What's better than a Bulldog 7? Two of them!

Is the venue for the event or your home a bit bigger?
Then you can simply connect two Bulldog 7s together. This is done by cable via the corresponding connections on the back of the Bulldog 7 and therefore completely free of interference without the risk of time delays. In this way, two Bulldogs also become a fully-fledged, active system for the home, which can be perfectly linked with existing technology or simply fed with music via a smartphone. And to ensure that it doesn't run out of steam, you can power it with energy via the USB port on the mixer. With a charging current of 2 amps, even power-hungry cell phones become super providers.

Technical specifications

Mains voltage
  • 100 – 240 V
Power Handling (RMS/Max.)
  • 250 Watt RMS
  • Maximale Power on demand + 500 Watt
  • 2
  • 5-Wege Bassreflex
  • aktiv
Frequency Response
  • 38 - 22.000 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • 460 x 875 x 380 mm
  • 35 kg


  • 2
  • 5-Wege Bassreflex
  • aktiv
  • 18V 5.2 Ah li-ion battery
  • 94 Wh capacity
  • Up to 20 hours of operation, depending on the volume; approx. 6 hours when operated at high volume
  • Battery charging time: approx. 6 hours
  • 6 LED battery charge status display
  • Easy battery change.
  • Charging function of the battery in the Bulldog 7 unit
  • 3-channel DJ mixer with crossfader
  • Channel 1: Microphone/guitar (mono)
  • Channel 2: Line IN/instrument (stereo)
  • Channel 3: Bluetooth and AUX (stereo)
  • Crossfader channel 1/2 – channel 3
  • 2-band equalizer (+/- 8dB) and volume control for each channel
  • Master volume and master 3-band equalizer (+/- 8dB)
  • Separate clipping indicators (LEDs) for each channel and the master channel
  • Headphone jack with monitor/pre-listening function and volume control
  • Connection of a 2nd Bulldog 7 unit (primary/secondary configuration)
Amplifier & Connections
  • Channel 1: Microphone/guitar (mono
  • Channel 2: Line IN/instrument (stereo); 6.3 mm jack, XLR and RCA
  • Channel 3: Bluetooth and AUX (stereo)
  • Primary/secondary input/output; XLR (the primary has full control over the secondary!)
  • Charging of the internal battery when connected to the mains supply (separate switch)
  • Stable edge protection profiles and protective corners
  • High-performance compression horn driver with 1 3/8“ voice coil and 10“ X 4“ mm radial horn tweeter
  • 2 x 10“ high-performance woofers with 2“ voice coil
  • Multi-braced 18 mm MDF housing
  • Impact-, moisture- and scratch-resistant textured finish
  • Two side-mounted metal heavy-duty carrying handles
  • Sturdy solid metal speaker grille with slotted design
  • Four transport casters (each are capable of supporting a 50 kg load, two of which feature a locking function) are included in the scope of delivery


Customer evaluation for "Magnat Bulldog 7 – Die Party ist da, wo du bist"
(0) 10 Mar 2022

Grandiose Soundbombe - 9 von 10 Punkten

Hallo Freunde,

die Bulldog 7 ist ein wirklich verrückter Lautsprecher. Sie sieht geil aus, ist laut und ist vor allem in freier Wildbahn aka der Fussball-Platz oder mein Garten der Wahnsinn.

Das Ding ist in der Tat ein lauter Lautsprecher, aber klingt für einen (nennen wir es) PA-Speaker richtig gut. Ich bespiele die Bulldogge meistens via Bluetooth von meinem Samsung-Handy und das läuft einwandfrei.

Durch die Rollen lässt sich die Bulldogge kinderleicht bewgen und man merkt gar nicht das sie ein richtiger Brocken und schwer ist.

Ich nutze die Bulldog 7 vor unsern Fussball-Spielen in der Kabine und am Spielfeldrand beim aufwärmen aber ebenso im Garten.

Es macht einfach Spaß die Bulldog 7 zu benutzen und ich kann es jedem empfehlen der einfach mal den SWAG aufdrehen will.

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