The right tool in the right hands

The same applies to loudspeaker development as for every creative process: The right blend of talent and experience is irreplaceable. This is why our engineers are often able to get very close to the desired result with the very first prototype: The selection of materials and components for chassis, electronics and enclosures is, for the most part, the result of many years of experience. However, we wouldn´t be Magnat if we were satisfied with merely "getting very close". We want more. We want to deliver the perfect sound in every price category. This is why every single chassis, every transistor and, in principle, every component undergoes an elaborate multi-stage development process before we allow the product to go into mass production. To ensure the end result is one we can rightly be proud of, we make sure that our developers have the best available tools in their hands. These include a Klippel measuring system, high-quality equipment from Audio Precision and a large number of other measuring equipment devices that enable our engineers to conduct a detailed examination of every detail of a product from the very outset

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