Non-contact laser measurement and precise audio feedback

Klippel is laser-assisted measuring system. This not only means extremely precise results; it also has the advantage of enabling the measurements to be carried out in a completely non-contact manner. This prevents unintentional interference by the engineer, and we obtain pure, undistorted results. However, the complex Klippel hardware is only one part of the "magic". The associated measuring software that interprets the results is equally important. In addition, our Klippel equipment produces the most accurate results for the very classic acoustic measurements, which we also carry out, of course, in order to optimise the frequency response and resilience of a chassis, among other things. All of these measurements function with the Klippel system, both at very low volumes as well as in the physical and electrical limit range. Our loudspeakers therefore benefit from the Klippel-assisted optimisations over their entire frequency and performance range. All in all, this enables us to obtain very detailed and accurate results that immediately provide us with useful starting points for further improvements to our loudspeakers. The system facilitates analyses far beyond the usual level, thus dramatically shortening the development process while, at the same time, producing an even better, more optimised loudspeaker at the end.

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