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Quantum Sub 7230A

Active bass-reflex subwoofer

  • High-end bass upgrade for the Quantum 720 system with outstanding performance, dynamics and precision
  • Top-class home cinema thanks to meticulous development and the Klippel-optimized magnet system
  • Strong power output of 180 watts RMS and impressive 360 watts of pulse power for an unparalleled home cinema experience
  • 300 mm long excursion woofer with coated and hardened paper membrane in a downfire arrangement for deep bass reproduction with high impulse fidelity
  • Sturdy MDF enclosure, rounded at the sides, with elaborate bracing and decorative silk-matt front panel

Active downfire subwoofer, including bass reflex

The active bass-reflex subwoofer of the Quantum 720 range operates according to the downfire principle and is equipped with a 300 mm high-power long-throw woofer. Combined with the coated and hardened paper membrane, the Klippel-optimised magnet system not only provides for extreme depth, it also ensures the highest precision and structure in the bass range. Maximum operational safety and reliability is guaranteed by the ventilated high-performance voice coil. The amplifier located in the MDF enclosure with rounded sides delivers 180 watts of RMS power output as well as active frequency response equalisation up to 150 Hz. Two generously dimensioned Airflex ports ensure minimum flow noise.

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Technical specifi cations

  • Powered bassreflex subwoofer, down-fire
  • 300 mm Woofer
Output power (RMS/Max.)
  • 180 / 360 watts
Crossover Frequencies
  • 50 - 150 Hz adjustable
  • switchable 0°/180°
Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • 420 x 545 x 500 mm
  • 22.4 kg
Cabinet surface
  • Black Satin/Ash Decor Black
  • Black Satin/Mocca Decor


Woofer / midrange
  • Coated and hardened paper cone for deep and

    dynamic reproduction
  • Ventilated high-performance voice-coils ensure a high degree of operational reliability
  • 300 mm high-power long-throw woofer with Klippel® optimized magnet system
  • Stereo low level inputs (RCA connections)
  • Stereo high level inputs (screw terminals)
  • Mains supply
  • ´Down-firing´ principle
  • Two generously dimensioned Airflex ports with low flow resistance
  • Sturdy MDF housing with rounded sides, elaborate bracing and decorative silk matt front panel
  • Sturdy, silk matt lacquered base plate with resonance-damping rubber spikes
  • Real-time limiter minimises distortions and prevents overloading
  • Active frequency response equalization up to 150 Hz (LPC circuit) for seamless integration in AV environments
  • Automatic standby function with low power consumption <0.5 watts (can be switched off)
  • Selectable mains voltage (115/230 V)
  • Power switch
  • Phase switchable from 0° to 180°
  • Adjustable volume and crossover frequency
Cabinet surface
  • Black Satin/Ash Decor Black
  • Black Satin/Mocca Decor