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Monitor Supreme II

Strong-sounding speaker series with an impressive price/performance ratio

The Monitor Supreme II is the logical and enhanced version of the original Monitor Supreme series. Technically sophisticated and with important detailed improvements, this series remains true to its claim and features perfectly coordinated and exquisitely processed speakers at an impressive price/performance ratio. Magnat´s engineers have consciously steered away from an elaborate visual appearance and cost-intensive materials. Instead, they have focused on creating an excellent and authentic sound. The result can be seen and, above all, it can be heard! A significant contribution to this result has been made by the newly developed tweeter and the rear tapered housing of the Monitor Supreme II.

Strong-sounding speaker series with an impressive price/performance ratio

The series has benefitted significantly from the development of the new tweeter

All of the employed drivers have been finely tuned using the Klippel laser measuring system and are equipped with rugged metal baskets and extra-strong magnet drives. The woofers utilise a specially coated cellulose cone, which results in a significant reduction of partial vibrations with simultaneous weight optimisation. The aim of this measure is to perfect the precision of the reproduction of music and achieve maximum dynamics. The floorstanding speakers and the larger of the two shelf speakers feature a newly developed 25 mm dome for the treble range. The fabric dome, which is controlled via a powerful ferrite drive, ensures a balanced reproduction across the entire relevant frequency range. The newly designed tweeter flange also ensures a more homogeneous treble is produced. As a result of space restrictions, the smaller shelf speaker and the centre speaker in this series have been equipped with a somewhat smaller, but very high-resolution 13 mm dome.

The level of quality is evident in all components

The high quality crossovers used in this series are responsible for distributing the music signals to the corresponding drivers. These crossovers, which exhibit an octave slope of up to 18 dB as well as phase correction, perform their tasks perfectly. The housings themselves, which are gently tapered to the rear, are a real visual and technical highlight. These are manufactured from sturdy MDF and boast extremely low resonance properties. The Monitor Supreme speakers feature an attractive contrasting black baffle and are available in two high quality wood finishes (Black or Mocha). The large floorstanding models are equipped with rubber or metal spikes to prevent ground resonance. Solid, gold-plated screw terminals at the rear of the speakers ensure perfect connection to an amplifier - the only exception is the Monitor Supreme 102 due to the restricted space available on the extremely compact shelf speaker.

Technical specifications