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MMS 730

High-end streamer in a classic HiFi format

High-end streamer in a classic HiFi format

Thanks to the wide variety of media available today, such as a myriad of streaming services, we no longer have to rely on CDs and the radio as our only source of music. The most important of these services are bundled together with selected technology in an elegant package that makes up the MMS 730 high-end streamer. The shape of the unit makes it the perfect accompaniment to fully-fledged HiFi systems, especially the other HiFi components made by Magnat.

Spotify, Internet radio, DAB+ & co.

There´s no getting away from streaming services today and with the inclusion of Spotify, for example, the MMS 730 integrates arguably the most important one of all. This means you will always have playlists, favorites and, of course, your own personal music selection to hand, all conveniently controlled via the MAGNAT STREAMING APP. This app allows you to browse the countless Internet radio stations and call up your favorites.

Classic radio and traditional FM stations can be accessed, while DAB+ functionality means you can also receive the new digital platform, which is being continuously expanded with additional stations. Of course, the highest quality version of Bluetooth is on board, namely aptX HD. This allows music to be played back from the corresponding end devices without any loss.

Anyone looking for even higher sound quality can stream hi-res files directly from a home network. Music files with resolutions of up to 192 kHz and 24 bits can be played via the Ethernet connection as well as wirelessly via WiFi. The app also controls the music here. All of the major formats are supported, including MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC. Last but not least, the USB port can be used to connect media sources with a capacity of up to 8 GB.

High-end technology

Not all streaming is the same, as it is ultimately the conversion of analog signals that counts when it comes to digital data. The MMS 730 features a high-end DAC (digital/analog converter) from Wolfson, namely the WM 8740. As is customary for Magnat units, the selected technology is packaged in a high-quality sturdy metal housing with a solid, brushed aluminum front panel.

Perfect team player

With its housing measuring 433 mm wide, the MMS 730 fits in perfectly with our other HiFi components, such as the MR 780 tube hybrid receiver and the MCD 750 CD player. Thanks to its analog and digital (optical and coaxial) outputs, the MMS can be combined with any kind of existing electronics to enhance it with the diverse possibilities offered by the new media. Even an older tube amplifier can be turned into a multimedia all-rounder.

Technical specifications