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Alpha RS

Active, profound and perfect for a home cinema and stereo setup

Active, profound and perfect for a home cinema and stereo setup

It cannot be denied that the low-frequency content in a hi-fi and surround system is decisive for the perceived sound quality and, thereby, one´s film and music experience. On the other hand, the placement of speakers is particularly critical because of the low frequency range. Resonance and standing waves can quickly occur and diminish the audio impact.

The answer to these issues lies in active subwoofers, such as the Alpha RS series from Magnat. These can be set up virtually anywhere, because we cannot locate low frequencies. And, thanks to the integrated amplifier, they are independent of the power produced by the electronics, regardless of whether it´s a stereo amplifier or a surround receiver. Two models, one with a 200 mm bass chassis, the other measuring 300 mm in diameter, allow an existing home cinema or hi-fi system, regardless of the make or model, to achieve a new, undreamt of level of quality in the deep bass range.

Perfect adaptation to the room

With various control options for the level, crossover frequency and phase, the Alpha RS active subwoofers can be perfectly adapted to suit any existing system. Thanks to their high-level input, the Alpha series subwoofers can even be used with older components that lack a corresponding subwoofer pre-out. You simply use a free speaker output on the amplifier and the active subwoofers of the Alpha RS series then receive their information via this path.

Active subwoofers improve every home cinema and hi-fi system

Even if you are already using fully-fledged hi-fi speakers, the use of an active subwoofer will still have a positive effect on the sound. The main speakers are relieved of reproducing the lowest frequencies and can therefore devote themselves to all of the other areas of music or film audio with even more precision. The power that the electronics previously used for the deep bass range is thus made available again. The result: Improved spatiality, better precision and of course, thanks to the active subwoofer, an enhanced deep bass range.

Active subwoofers are perfect for a home cinema setup
Active subwoofers are virtually indispensable, especially when it comes to a home cinema setup. Numerous home cinema audio formats contain dedicated low-frequency channels that only carry the respective low-frequency information. This can be recognized from designations such as 5.1 and 7.2. The number after the decimal point indicates the number of low frequency effect channels. Many home cinema setups therefore feature one, two or even four active subwoofers. When the corresponding signals are issued they envelop the room in sound, thereby creating an atmosphere that draws the audience into the action.

Straightforward integration

The process of connecting to an existing surround or hi-fi system is uncomplicated. If there is a pre-out available for the bass range (Sub Out), then this should be used. The crossover frequency from which the active subwoofer should take over proceedings is then adjusted in the settings of the existing electronic components. You can experiment a bit with this setting. Different crossover frequencies are required depending on the size of the speakers already being used. The adjustment process is similar for Magnat´s Alpha RS sub. You can also experiment with the setup here in order to achieve the best possible results.

The best technology with optimal workmanship

A deep bass range and high levels naturally mean that a lot of air has to be moved. The housings of Magnat´s Alpha RS8 and RS12 are therefore manufactured with maximum stability in mind. The woofers radiate towards the front of the solid MDF housings (front-fire design). Two additional Airflex ports also ensure that the energy radiated inside the housing is put to optimal use. These are manufactured in such a way that no flow noise impairs the sound, even when operated at high levels. The woofer itself features a 200 or 300 mm diameter coated paper cone. As is the case for all of our speakers, the construction process for the cone, drive and magnet was optimized using Klippel laser measuring technology.

The amplifiers are designed using efficient Class D technology and generate 160 or 240 watts of peak power respectively, which is more than enough to cleanly reproduce even brutal deep bass lines. The crossover frequency can be regulated between 50 and 150 Hz for both models. Active frequency response equalization up to the upper crossover frequency enables uncomplicated integration into any AV system, even if it features compact main speakers. Both the Magnat Alpha RS8 and the larger RS12 model are available in a timeless black and elegant mocha finish.

Technical specifications


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  • Long throw driver
  • LPC circuit
  • RTLimiter – Real Time Limiter