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Interior Quantum

Built-in loudspeaker series for ceiling and wall installation with genuine high-end aspirations

Many audiophiles want an in-wall/in-ceiling series on the acoustic level of Magnat´s top Quantum home speaker series. At Magnat, Quantum stands for the highest demands on sound quality and technical complexity.

Built-in loudspeaker series for ceiling and wall installation with genuine high-end aspirations

Technology and sound quality at the Quantum level

Like its "big brothers", the Interior Quantum models with woofer and mid-tone diaphragms are made with highly stable and rigid anodized ceramic-aluminum cones. This material provides extremely accurate reproduction and reveals even the finest acoustic details. As equal partners for the high frequencies, coated fabric dome tweeters are used. They stand for pulse fidelity playback without distortion effects.

Great flexibility in use

Because installation situations can differ significantly, the tweeters can be swivel-mounted. The special ICQ 262 model has two angularly disposed tweeters and 3-way treble level adjustment and allows both mono and stereo operation thanks to the dual voice coil and switch. Cascading also is possible. For the models with a tweeter, the woofer can also be adjusted 3 ways in the midrange. These options service to even optimize the sound in extremely open spaces. Settings are made on the front and may thus also be made after fitting has been concluded.

Modern design and absolutely high-quality workmanship

The installation is even suitable for use in humid rooms / bathroom, is very easy using a rugged clamping mechanism. Other details like the extremely flat and nearly borderless design of the protective grille, the gold-plated cable clamps and the high-quality configuration of the crossovers reflect the Quantum standard.

Technical specifications


Features Speakers
  • Swivel Tweeter
  • Ceramic Alu Cone
  • APOC


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