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RV 4

High-end hybrid integrated amplifier with valve pre-stage and Bluetooth® aptX™

High-end hybrid integrated amplifier with valve pre-stage and Bluetooth® aptX™

The Magnat RV 4 continues the legacy of its legendary predecessor, the RV 3. Our development engineers set themselves the goal with this new high-end hybrid amplifier of exceeding the RV 3 - and have succeeded with flying colours: the RV 4 combines analogue stereo sound at the very highest level with modern features like a digital section and Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX.

Audiophile sound thanks to the valve pre-stage

One of the outstanding qualities of the Magnat RV 4 is the extraordinary attention to the finest details, which manifests itself in the special valve pre-stage. Two particularly high-quality Russian-made E88CC valves are used for this - not least of all due to the special SQ quality with maximum reliability and the lowest tolerances. After being burned in for 60 hours, the valves or tubes are selected in pairs and inserted into the high-quality, gold-plated tube sockets of the RV. In this way, we guarantee that this high-end stereo amplifier offers precisely the audiophile sound experience that our customers appreciate.

Highest quality components for loss-free transmission

This attention to detail continues in every single element of the RV 4. For example, the input signal switchover ensues via high-quality, durable reed relays. Vinyl enthusiasts will also be delighted with the phono pre-stage with separate MM and MC inputs, assembled with particularly low-noise operational amplifiers. Low-loss WIMA audio capacitors in the signal path ensure that not the smallest modicum of the carefully processed sound is lost on the way to the power amp.

Audiophile sound - also digital and wireless

Another highlight of the RV 4 is the digital input section. One coaxial and one optical input accept digital stereo signals up to 24bit/192kHz. Precise conversion into the best analogue sound is taken care of by a particularly high-quality digital-analogue converter (or DAC) from Burr-Brown.
The integrated Bluetooth 4.0 module of the RV 4 provides the best possible sound quality for the much-loved wireless transmission thanks to the particularly high-quality audio standard aptX. Here, too, the high-quality Burr-Brown DAC is used as an exclusive feature to convert the digital Bluetooth signals into the best possible analogue sound quality.

High performance thanks to the best transistors

For the power amplification, we rely on two discretely designed high-performance power amplifiers with the proven power transistors from Sanken (Japan). Both amplifier stages deliver up to a constant 150 watts to the loudspeakers with the finest sound. The total peak power of the RV 4 is a huge 500 watts. The speakers are connected to the RV 4 via large, insulated screw terminals.

High-end in every detail

The audiophile concept continues in the Magnat RV 4 right down to the smallest details. Whether it´s the extravagant, stylish design, the sturdy solid-metal enclosure with the 8 mm front panel of the solid aluminium controls: This stereo amplifier is pure high-end. This also includes the solid heat sinks, which also serve as striking design elements. Other details like the high-contrast OLED high-quality display, the pre-amplifier output for active subwoofers or additional power amplifiers and the power amp input to easily incorporate the RV 4 into a home cinema system demonstrate the well thought-out concept of this high-end amplifier.

Technical specifications


Serienmerkmale Elektronik_EN
  • Solid aluminium front panel
  • Solid aluminium control elements
  • MM / MC Phono
  • Pre-out
  • Discreetly configured power amplifier
  • Low-noise preamplifier tube
  • High-contrast "organic LED display"
  • High-quality D/A converter
  • Main In