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Monitor Reference

Magnat Monitor Reference – Active speakers with a timeless appearance and high-tech configuration

Magnat Monitor Reference – Active speakers with a timeless appearance and high-tech configuration

Good speakers are a must when it comes to high-quality music reproduction. But what if these speakers also incorporate the necessary electronics, such as our Magnat Monitor Reference series? They not only make listening to music a real pleasure, but also ensure easy and intuitive operation. Instead of having an unmanageable range of technology to hand, all you need to do is switch on your TV, smartphone or tablet and away you go. Of course there´s also a connection for turntables, which are becoming more and more popular, as well as everything else that´s used to deliver images and sound around our homes.

Magnat Monitor Reference – All media, no more unnecessary electronic devices

Fully active stereo speakers such as the Monitor Reference now offer everything you need with regard to inputs, which is far more than just a few years ago. Bluetooth® connectivity enables smartphones, tablets and computers to be connected quickly and easily, but above all wirelessly. Whether you´re gaming, watching YouTube or listening to any streaming service - you can enjoy the right sound in optimum quality in no time at all, because Bluetooth® (version 5.0) is on board complete with aptx® Low Latency. The name affix reveals that sound is reproduced without any delay whatsoever, which is particularly relevant when watching films and series. If speech is not lip-synchronized, we, as viewers, become irritated really quickly

All signals are transmitted in a straightforward manner from a TV set to speakers via the HDMI audio return channel (ARC), with the same applying to everything connected to the television. Regardless of whether you´re using a set-top box or games console, as soon as the respective input is selected on the TV set, films, series and games are reproduced with a full-ranging sound. And thanks to CEC, i.e. control via the HDMI port, you can easily control the volume using your TV´s remote control.

Vinyl and more - the Monitor Reference speakers are equipped for anything

Regarding the on-trend topic of records: The integrated, high-quality phono preamplifier allows a turntable with an MM pickup (MM stands for Moving Magnet), for example our MTT 990, to be connected directly to the speakers. There are also additional analog and digital inputs that enable any existing source to be connected to our Monitor Reference speakers. Signals with up to 24 bits and 192 kHz can be processed via the optical digital input. This means music can also be reproduced in high-res quality.

Premium technology on board

Of course, the active speakers in the Monitor Reference series are also equipped with our tried and tested components. After all, we don´t want to make any compromises whatsoever in terms of sound. Our tried and tested 25 mm tweeter dome with its radiation-optimized sound guide has already proven itself in various other series. Lower frequencies are reproduced by 125 or 170 mm bass-midrange drivers, with the largest model being supplemented by a pure 170 mm woofer. The coated low-resonance paper cones are driven by powerful, distortion-optimized magnet systems.

The amplifier, which is integrated in one speaker, works with the low-distortion and extremely efficient Class D technology to deliver - depending on the model selected - between 25 and 60 watts of continuous power (RMS) and between 75 and 120 watts of peak power - naturally per channel. High-quality crossovers ensure an optimum balance between the individual chassis. Thanks to their phase optimization, the sound emitted by all of the speakers reaches the listener at the same time. The supplied remote control allows you to easily select your desired input and volume. In a worst-case scenario, both can also be adjusted via practical buttons at the rear of the speaker.

One principle - three sizes

If we have made the decision extremely easy for you so far, you now need to choose between three different formats. The Magnat Monitor Reference 2A comes in a handy shelf format. The Reference 3A is another compact, yet even more powerful model, and the 5A offers the desirable mix of materials in a full-blown floorstanding speaker. When it comes to choosing the color, on the other hand, it´s much less of a headache, as our Monitor Reference series is only available in a classic black finish.

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