High-End Stereo Valve Power Amplifier with Hybrid Technology

The beating heart of the MA 600 – the tube pre-amp

While the separately built semi-conductor power amp ensures maximum power, the pre-amp is responsible for the particularly acoustically-pleasing, natural sound. The extremely low noise tube amplifier is equipped with an ECC 88 tube, naturally hand-picked by us, and with 60 hours running-in time on the clock. High quality tube sockets ensure maximum signal stability. The high audiophile standards are obvious, starting with the inputs. The digital coaxial and optical inputs and the USB port support sampling rates up to 192 kHz and sampling depth of 24 Bit. Anyone who wants to connect via Bluetooth can rely on the aptx standard. Thanks to this innovative protocol, lossless, wireless transmission is now possible to a great extent. High quality Burr/Brown converters then handle the digital to analogue conversion.

Exclusivity & Performance

Both the tube pre-amp and the semi-conductor power amp are located in a solid metal housing for maximum power output. Output of 70 watt sine power (4 Ohm) is achieved with a high performance power amplifier chip per channel. The sophisticated power supply unit with separately stabilised voltages for the individual circuits, and a very generously sized toroidal transfomer ensure extremely stable and clean power supply. In addition, high capacity smoothing capacitors easily handle any peaks in voltage. Despite its enormous output, the MA 600 uses very little energy when powered off due to a separate power supply for standby mode. The components selected for the inner workings are rounded off by high quality materials and outstanding quality of workmanship on the housing. Solid aluminium controls are recessed into the 5mm thick front panel. There is also 3.5 mm audio input for portable devices and a headphone output with 6.3 mm jack. An easy to read alpha-numeric display helps simple, menu-assisted operation. Naturally, a high quality remote control covering all functions is included.


Features and special features of this series

MA 600

High-end hybrid integrated amplifier with tube preamplifier and semiconductor output stage

Power & Performance! While the low-noise tube preamplifier used by the high-end hybrid integrated amplifier ensures an audiophile and natural sound, the discrete semiconductor output stage delivers maximum power and performance. Powerful, flexible & authentic – the MA 600.

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