Active bass-reflex subwoofer with 200 mm woofer driver

Active bass-reflex subwoofer with 200 mm woofer driver The Betasub 20A is the smallest Betasub model and is driven by a 140 watt high-performance power amp. The sub handles a deep bass range from 200 to 25 Hz – infinitely adjustable between 200 and 50 Hz.

Excellent performance thanks to the effective downfire design

The downfire case design enables the subwoofer to deliver a bass that in relation to its external dimensions is very deep and powerful. The reason: the cone surface area has been fitted at a very small and precisely defined distance from the floor in the solid and low-resonance case. The driver is supported by the Airflex bass-reflex port that has been secured to the front of this bass powerhouse with five screws. The special Airflex design effectively eliminates undesirable flow noise when air enters and exits. Magnat Airflex ports are rounded aerodynamically at both ends. These rounded ends hugely reduce undesirable background noise and, in this way, ensure particularly clean bass reproduction, even at high volumes. The frequency range goes all the way down to an amazing 20 Hz, with a Magnat real-time limiter also ensuring permanent overload protection. In addition, LPC technology is used to guarantee linearisation of the frequency response. This special filter circuit performs two important functions: First of all, it effectively protects the subwoofer against subsonic (i.e. inaudible) frequencies that could otherwise cause damage to the loudspeaker. Secondly, this releases power reserves that would otherwise be lost and which the subwoofer exploits for deep bass reproduction in the audible range. The result: A distinctly more linear frequency response and clean, powerful bass. The adjustable level and crossover frequency and resonance-decoupling rubber feet round off the package of features.

Sophisticated Magnat technologies for trouble-free home-cinema fun

Anyone wanting to transform their music system into a convincing home cinema centre cannot do without the use of an active subwoofer because the necessary bass foundation is essential to make a film an unforgettable emotional experience.


Features and special features of this series

Betasub 20 A

Active bass-reflex subwoofer with 200 mm woofer driver

  • Deep bass specialist in downfire design: precise and powerful bass even for demanding home cinema scenes
  • Perfectly complements any home cinema system
  • 200 mm long excursion woofer and Airflex bass reflex port for maximum bass performance
  • 70 watts RMS output for a strong bass foundation and 140 watts of pulse power for dynamic scenes
  • Sturdy enclosure including rubber spikes for secure and stable set-up

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