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Quantum 1000 S

"State of the Art" speaker series with high-end components

The Quantum 1000 S speakers are replacing the former flagship series produced by our audiophile speaker division. While the timeless and elegant design, excellent workmanship and high quality materials have all been maintained, the chassis used by the Signature series are now also responsible for actually converting the sound.

"State of the Art" speaker series with high-end components

High-end dome for a perfect treble range

The 30 mm high-end dome tweeter is equipped with an extremely lightweight semi-crystalline polymer (PTFE) cone. This ensures maximum efficiency on one hand, while guaranteeing optimum precision and pulse fidelity on the other. Increasingly popular high-resolution audio files require an upper frequency range that extends far beyond the conventional 20 kHz, therefore the tweeter has been provided with a wide surround to ensure optimum dispersion in the high frequency range. This is further enhanced by the solid aluminium front panel with its computer-optimised sound guide. A large magnet vent with low intrinsic resonance ensures perfect temperature management.

High-tech components and innovative technology for an optimum performance

The 170 mm woofer and midrange drivers, which are used throughout the Quantum S series, are perfectly coordinated for the housing construction and have been provided with numerous innovative enhancements by our engineers to ensure an audiophile performance. These enhancements include sophisticated voice-coil ventilation for high resilience, as well as a generously ventilated die-cast aluminium basket, which effectively prevents compression effects and air turbulence. In addition, the entire magnet system has also been optimised to prevent distortion and it has been equipped with double induction rings and stray field optimisation. The effectiveness of this setup is demonstrated by the distortion values, which barely register during our measurements. The woofer´s Kapton voice coil mount ensures there is no eddy current loss. Both chassis offer high cone rigidity thanks to the inverse ceramic/aluminium dust caps.

The crucial difference

At the acoustic heart of any speaker is the crossover! Hand-picked, high-end components are used exclusively in the Quantum 1000 S series. The crossovers, which are based on 24dB LKR topology with transformer core coils and audiophile polypropylene capacitors, have been designed to optimise the speakers during bi-wiring operation. Elaborate high-end internal wiring from Oehlbach ensures optimum distribution of the signals. The speaker connection terminal has also been designed accordingly. Even the largest of cable cross-sections can be accommodated easily by the gold-plated, acrylic-encapsulated terminals. Housing resonance is reduced by the double-walled side panel configuration and the varying degrees of material thickness. Additional bracing elements inside the housing support the chassis and minimise reflections. A resonance-absorbing chassis support has also been positioned behind the woofer to cope with the powerful forces that develop in the low frequency range.

Technical specifications


Features Speakers
  • Ceramic Alu Cone
  • CFC – Controlled Flexing Cone
  • CVS – Coil Ventilation System
  • Fmax Signature tweeter
  • Airflex Port
  • Optimised by laser-assisted Klippel measuring system
  • Bi-wiring and bi-amping
  • APOC


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